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Over a Decade of Expertise in Equipment R&D, Manufacturing, and Project Implementation
Our Solutions and Equipment are Preferred by Clients Across 70+ Countries Worldwide
Possessing Robust R&D Capabilities, Backed by 150+ Patents and Diverse Corporate Accolades
Industry Leader with 66,000+ SQM Production Facility and Cutting-edge Processing Equipment

AIShred is a brand of GEP ECOTECH, dedicated to providing reliable solutions for waste recycling. GEP ECOTECH is the pioneer and doer of China's solid waste management technology. She uses high-level products and scientific process technology to help customers improve recycling efficiency, reduce energy consumption and environmental risks, and ensure continuous operation of the system.

Through innovative products and excellent solutions, GEP ECOTECH helps customers reduce landfill volume, reduce pollution, increase material and energy recovery rates, and build a better and sustainable world.

GEP ECOTECH conducts business on all continents of the world. The company mainly provides solutions for five major types of solid waste: construction and demolition waste, industrial and commercial waste, municipal solid waste, agricultural and forestry waste, and hazardous waste.

With the help of a large team of technical engineers, profound professional technology, advanced manufacturing plants and perfect after-sales service system, the company can complete the project design to equipment manufacturing and program implementation with high standards

R&D Strength

Nurturing Innovation with a Vast Technical R&D Team, Extensive Industry Experience, and a Wealth of Successful Achievements.

Manufacturing Strength

Creating Exceptional Products with Industry-Leading Manufacturing Facilities, State-of-the-Art Processing Equipment, and Skilled Craftsmanship.

Services & Support

Our Prompt and Efficient Service Support Offers Informed Advice, Risk Mitigation, and Ensures Effective Implementation of Business Plans for Enduring Project Success.