Portable Pyrolysis Plant

Concise Overview

GEP ECOTECH's portable pyrolysis plants are designed to efficiently process all types of waste, converting waste into valuable resources while reducing energy consumption and environmental pollution in the waste treatment process. Take your waste recycling efficiency to a new level with GEP ECOTECH's modular pyrolysis technology.

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Product Insights

Pyrolysis Plants use high temperatures to decompose organic matter for the purpose of reduction and recycling. Unlike large-scale waste pyrolysis facilities, portable pyrolysis plants are primarily designed for small and medium-sized projects, aiming to address the issue of waste transfer and pollution. They feature a compact design, easy mobility, and simple installation, allowing for quick deployment into operational mode.They can handle various wastes including municipal solid waste, medical waste, agricultural and forestry waste, biomass, rubber tires, plastics, sludge, etc. The resulting products include combustible gases, fuel oil, carbon black, ash, and more.

Portable Pyrolysis Plants have excellent economic efficiency. The combustible gases generated during their operation can provide heat for the continuous operation of the system. Excess gases, fuel oil, and carbon black, among other products, can be sold as commodities.

GEP ECOTECH's portable pyrolysis solution is developed based on years of experience, specifically addressing the pain points in the waste management industry. Our solution aims to provide customers with efficient and flexible waste treatment solutions, addressing environmental concerns in waste processing while offering excellent economic and practical benefits.

We are committed to providing comprehensive waste management solutions, driving innovation and development in environmental technologies.

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