Textile Waste Processing

Textile Waste Processing

  • Production of Alternative Fuels from Textile Waste, Leather Scraps, and more
  • Fiber Recovery Pre-treatment (Shredding, Separation, Transportation, Fine Grinding)
  • Garment/Shoe Factory Leftovers Recycling
  • Destruction and Recycling of Retired Uniforms or Fashion Scraps
  • Destruction of Defective and Contraband Goods
  • Shredding and Recycling of Nonwoven Fabric and Geotextile
  • Shredding and Recycling of Waste Carpets

The global clothing and fashion industry generates nearly 100 million tons of waste every year, which comes from scraps or remnants of the production process (pre-consumer), as well as clothing and home textiles discarded by people (post-consumer). These waste materials vary, including various natural cotton and linen, chemical fibers, leather, etc. In many places, they are not properly disposed of and are simply landfilled, posing huge risks to the environment.

The recycling of textile waste can be divided into several categories according to the pyramid model:

  • Reuse: Clothing and home textiles in good condition can be cleaned or repaired and then reintroduced for use.
  • New Products: Simple processing of discarded products into items such as mops, wipes, and polishing cloths.
  • Fiber Recycling: Recycling of discarded fabrics and reprocessing them into fiber raw materials for use in manufacturing new textiles.
  • Solid Recover Fuel: Using textile waste as alternative fuel for industrial boilers or cement kilns can replace traditional fossil energy.
Reuse New Products Fiber Recycling Solid Recover Fuel

How Can GEP ECOTECH help Recycling Textile Waste

GEP ECOTECH provides a complete set of equipment for textile fiber recycling and alternative fuel production, and we design production line configurations based on actual requirements. The waste textile recycling equipment offered by GEP ECOTECH includes conveying equipment, shredders, various separation machine, fine grinders, pelletizers, balers, and more. Our equipment is designed for long-duration, high-volume industrial scenarios, with a maximum recycling capacity of up to 30 tons per hour.

The industrial shredder is the core equipment in the textile recycling system, as efficiently shredding a large amount of fabric requires equipment that delivers unparalleled cutting force while ensuring output size and operating in an environment with ultra-low noise and dust. Our various shredder combinations ensure that your recycling application operates at the best discharge size, optimal energy efficiency, and lowest wear.

Textile Waste Recycling

Project Portfolio

Scrap Leather RDF Project in Zhejiang, China
Scrap Leather RDF Project in Zhejiang, China
Waste Clothing Fiber Recycling Project in Zhengzhou, China
Waste Clothing Fiber Recycling Project in Zhengzhou, China

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