Textile Waste Processing

Textile Waste Processing

  • Production of Alternative Fuels from Textile Waste, Leather Scraps, and more
  • Fiber Recovery Pre-treatment (Shredding, Separation, Transportation, Fine Grinding)
  • Garment/Shoe Factory Leftovers Recycling
  • Destruction and Recycling of Retired Uniforms or Fashion Scraps
  • Destruction of Defective and Contraband Goods
  • Shredding and Recycling of Nonwoven Fabric and Geotextile
  • Shredding and Recycling of Waste Carpets

Waste, trimmings and discarded textiles, clothing and leather from the textile and garment industry are solid wastes that are as difficult to degrade as plastics. Simple piles or landfills not only take up space but also pollute the environment and cause waste. Using proven systems for shredding these materials, these wastes can be recycled for fibre or processed into boiler fuel for power/heat generation.

GEP ECOTECH has a proven solution for shredding waste textiles, using industrial grade twin shaft shredders that efficiently shred objects into small pieces for easy subsequent processing, even heavy carpets are easily handled with shredders using GEP ECOTECH technology.

For most small applications, the use of one GEP ECOTECH shredder + loading belt is sufficient, simple and reliable.

GEP ECOTECH offers a range of scrap textile shredding machines from small to very large sizes, with capacities ranging from a few tens of kilograms per hour to over ten tons per hour. Together with advanced anti-tangle and automatic reversing technology, GEP ECOTECH can easily meet all the challenges of scrap textile shredding work.

Project Portfolio

Scrap Leather RDF Project in Zhengjiang, China
Scrap Leather RDF Project in Zhengjiang, China
Waste Clothing Fiber Recycling Project in Zhengzhou, China
Waste Clothing Fiber Recycling Project in Zhengzhou, China

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