Eddy Current Separator

Concise Overview

GEP ECOTECH's Eddy Current Separators deliver cutting-edge metal separation capabilities. By utilizing a potent magnetic field, they efficiently segregate non-ferrous metals like aluminum and copper from bulk material streams. Our Eddy Current Separator guarantees precise metal recovery, elevating recycling processes. It stands as the ideal choice across diverse industries.

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Product Insights

Eddy current separators(ECS) are designed for the separation of non-ferrous metals. They utilize a rapidly changing magnetic field to induce eddy currents within the material. These induced currents generate a magnetic field opposing the original field, creating repulsive forces that effectively separate non-ferrous metals from the material stream. Eddy current separators are particularly effective in separating aluminum, copper, die-cast metals, and more, making them widely used in the recycling industry.

Eddy current separators offer several advantages in the recycling process. Their non-contact operation ensures minimal wear and tear, contributing to a longer lifespan and reduced maintenance requirements. The ability to fine-tune the frequency and intensity of the magnetic field allows for precise control, optimizing the separation of different non-ferrous metals.

GEP ECOTECH provides a range of Eddy current separators with advanced features to meet the evolving needs of the recycling industry. Our separators are known for their reliability, high performance, and adaptability to various material streams. Whether it's aluminum, copper, or other non-ferrous metals, our Eddy current separators contribute significantly to the enhancement of material recovery and the overall efficiency of recycling operations.

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