Domestic Waste Pretreatment Production Line

The composition of domestic waste is different in different regions, seasons and periods. It mainly includes kitchen waste, paper waste, waste textile waste, plastic waste, residue waste, waste metal waste and waste glass.

At present, in most areas of China, domestic waste is mainly collected in a mixed way without effective classification, so domestic waste will contain a large number of organic components such as kitchen waste, accounting for 50% - 60%. The high content of kitchen waste also leads to the low calorific value of waste in China, which is generally only about 4000-4800kj / kg. This can easily lead to the failure to improve the calorific value of the back-end boiler, and the need to add coal and other combustion aids to improve the calorific value.

Domestic waste pretreatment production line

In view of this situation, GEP ECOTECH has launched a complete set of domestic waste pretreatment production line, which can fully solve the problem of complex composition of domestic waste, sort out the recyclable materials in the domestic waste for sorting and packaging as much as possible, then sort out the non combustible materials (residue, stone, ceramics) in the domestic waste for unified landfill, and send the rest of the combustible materials to the boiler for incineration, Improve the calorific value efficiency of the boiler.

Need support on domestic waste disposal process please contact us, our engineers will design the suitable solution for your project.

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