Analysis on Disposal of Municipal/Domestic Solid Waste

With the advancement of urbanization construction, the total amount of MSW/domestic waste generated in daily life is also increasing. The government has also invested a lot of energy in the treatment of domestic waste, and has also implemented policies and guidelines on the treatment of urban domestic waste. Many customers who have first contacted have many doubts about the treatment of domestic waste. Hereby, I will make a brief introduction about the treatment of domestic waste.

At present, there are three main ways to treat domestic waste: landfill, compost and incineration. Landfill usually buries domestic waste directly underground to let the waste decompose naturally; The composting method requires the use of equipment to break the organic matter in the domestic garbage, and then degrade the organic matter to make compost; Incineration is the process of crushing and sorting domestic waste, or directly burning it for power generation, or making it into RDF combustion rods, which is basically heat energy conversion.

These three methods are widely used at present, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. Landfill occupies land resources, composting process is complex, incineration needs to strengthen flue gas treatment, and there are more environmentally friendly new technologies, domestic waste hydrogen production. With the development of China's hydrogen energy industry, low-carbon clean hydrogen will meet the demand of large-scale application, and the technology of hydrogen production from domestic waste pyrolysis and gasification will have great application potential.

Analysis on disposal of MSW

No matter which of the above domestic waste treatment methods is used, the purpose is to achieve harmless, reduced and resourceful waste treatment. According to the characteristics of domestic waste, GEP ECOTECH has developed a special domestic waste disposal system. This system recycles domestic waste through multiple processes such as crushing and screening of biological waste, with a high degree of automation and high production efficiency.

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