Single Shaft Shredder

The single shaft shredder is a material shredding machine widely used in the recycling industry. It uses cutter grains on the shaft to shred the material in rotation, equipped with a press device that allows it to dynamically adjust the feed speed according to the load, and a standard screen to ensure that the material is discharged only after it has reached the required size.

Customized equipment, parameters are for reference only.

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Single shaft shredders can shred materials to small sizes and are often used to shred a wide range of flexible and low to medium hardness materials and are widely used for recycling plastic products such as plastic bags, plastic films, pipes, molds, PE, PVC, LDPE as well as waste wood, fabrics, paper products, cables, circuit boards, non-ferrous metal packaging (shells, cans) etc. They are also used in the fine shredding stage of municipal solid waste, commercial and industrial waste or other combustible materials to produce SRF or RDF.

Single Shaft ShredderSingle Shaft Shredder

AIShred offers a wide range of single shaft shredders in a variety of models and sizes to suit most material requirements, with the cutter grains for shredding bolted to the rotor for easy replacement. We design the optimum cutter arrangement and cutter material for each material and application, helping to increase productivity and reduce losses.

AIShred's single-shaft shredders are compact, robust and reliable and can be used alone or in conjunction with other shredding equipment in recycling and solid waste disposal tasks.


Industrial Waste Industrial Waste
Municipal Solid Waste Municipal Solid Waste
Waste Tires Waste Tires
Waste Textiles Waste Textiles
Waste Glass Bottle Waste Glass Bottle
Production Waste Production Waste
Scrap FRP Scrap FRP
Waste Plastic Waste Plastic
Eectronic Waste Eectronic Waste
Waste Cable Waste Cable
Waste Paper & Cardboard Waste Paper & Cardboard
Color Steel Sheet & Insulation Board Color Steel Sheet & Insulation Board

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