Jaw Crusher

Jaw crushers are an extremely common crushing plant in quarries, mining plants and construction waste disposal centres, using compression to crush hard ore, concrete, brickwork, asphalt blocks and other materials. In solid waste disposal applications, jaw crushers are used to crush large and hard materials in construction and demolition waste.

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The Jaw Crusher is mainly composed of frame part, eccentric shaft rotating part, crushing chamber working part, safety device, discharge opening adjustment device, etc. It has the features of large crushing ratio, high load bearing capacity, high wear resistance, large crushing capacity and high crushing efficiency.

Jaw CrusherJaw Crusher

AIShred's jaw crushers are designed to crush hard materials such as masonry and stone in construction waste, resulting in a uniform size of material that is easy to advance in the subsequent process. AIShred has a wealth of technology and experience in the field of construction waste disposal and has won the favors of many customers with its mature, durable and high-quality equipment.

AIShred's jaw crusher adopts a symmetrical V-shaped crushing chamber, the actual feed size is consistent with the theoretical feed size, increasing the capacity of crushable materials, making it less prone to blockage and higher output; the frame adopts an assembled, modular, weld-free frame structure, making installation and transportation more convenient, with high fatigue strength and reliability; the movable jaw assembly consists of high-quality cast steel parts, the heavy-duty eccentric shaft is machined from forged billets, and The bearing seat is made of integral cast steel structure, which reduces the quality instead of improving the strength and operational stability of the equipment; its centralized lubrication system reduces the difficulty of maintenance and labyrinth seal ensures clean lubricating grease inside the bearing and improves the service life of the bearing.

AIShred can also supply mobile jaw crushing plant based on track or tyre, essential for more dispersed construction and demolition sites.


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