What Equipment Are Required for the Recycling of Construction Waste?

Construction waste can be classified according to its composition, including concretes, mucks, bricks and stones, waste plastics, waste metals, waste bamboos and woods, etc. These components all have recyclable value. What can these components be used for recycling, how can they be reasonably resourced, and what equipment are required? Below will be a brief introduction for you.

Construction Waste

1. Purpose:

(1) Concretes: pavement cushions, recycled blocks, recycled concretes;

(2) Mucks: burning and melting to produce products such as clay particles and bricks and tiles;

(3) Bricks and stones: direct utilization, aggregate substitution, and coal slurry production;

(4) Waste steel bars: direct utilization, new steel bar raw materials;

(5) Waste bamboos and woods: direct use, replacement with new boards and lightweight aggregates.

2. Recycling Process and Required Equipment:

Construction waste → Vibrating feeder → Jaw crusher → Muck screen (the materials below the screen are mucks) → Magnetic separator (to remove ferrous metals from the materials above the screen) → Manual sorting platform (to sort large pieces of metals, waste bamboos and woods, plastics, etc.) → Impact crusher → Magnetic separator → Circular vibrating screen (the screening of finished materials, able to screen 2-3 types of aggregates) → Light material separator (to separate light impurities) → Pure aggregates.

In addition, the large pieces of material on the circular vibrating screen after screening → Wind sifter (to separate light impurities) → Return belt conveyor → Impact crusher (to re-crush), following this cycle.

Construction Waste Recycling Process

The entire construction waste recycling line is equipped with a dust collector to ensure the cleanliness and tidiness of the production workshop. At the same time, the GI intelligent control system independently developed by GEP ECOTECH can monitor and record data on the production line in real-time, ensuring the continuous and stable operation of the production line, and achieving rich profits for the production line. Should you have any inquiry for construction waste, please feel free to contact us.

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