Universal Granulator

Concise Overview

GEP ECOTECH's Universal Granulators are high-speed machines designed to shred materials into smaller sizes. Their flexible rotor blade configuration dynamically adjusts based on the characteristics of different materials. Utilize the GEP ECOTECH Universal Granulator to conquer the intricate challenge of finely shredding various flexible and ductile materials.

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Product Insights

The universal granulators are used to chop materials into uniform small particles. These are very flexible equipment that can not only play a role in a single-stage shredding production line but also in a multi-stage shredding production process for the refinement of materials. Universal granulators are suitable for materials and energy recovery applications and can be used to process cables, plastics, rubber, e-waste, wood, alternative fuels, and more.

Granulators typically operate at higher speeds than single-shaft shredders, leading to increased wear and potentially greater damage to the equipment when encountering unbreakable objects.

GEP ECOTECH's Universal industrial granulators are specifically designed for light-duty applications. Their compact structures minimize the footprint, while the replaceable screens allow for customizable output sizes. The optimized power systems ensure ample force while reducing energy consumption.

In line with GEP ECOTECH's mission for a greener future, our Universal Industrial Granulators play a pivotal role in reducing manufacturing waste and promoting material recycling. These cutting-edge solutions contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach, aligning with our commitment to environmental responsibility.

Material Mastery

  • Plastic Granules 1

    Plastic Granules 1

  • Plastic Granules 2

    Plastic Granules 2

  • Rubber Granules 1

    Rubber Granules 1

  • Rubber Granules 2

    Rubber Granules 2

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