RDF Pellet Machine

Concise Overview

GEP ECOTECH's Pellet Mills are utilized to compress solid waste, which has undergone sorting, shredding, and drying, into fuel pellets known as RDF-5. Its high pelleting efficiency and low energy consumption set it apart from competitors. Rely on GEP ECOTECH for long-term success in your waste-to-fuel projects in a competitive market.

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Product Insights

RDF pellet machines are designed for the drying and forming of combustible solid waste. Their primary function is to transform waste into standardized block-shaped fuel, increasing the calorific value per unit volume and facilitating storage and transportation. In the field of waste management, these pellet machines play a crucial role by converting otherwise useless waste into economically valuable alternative fuel.

On the production site, RDF pellet machines face a significant challenge related to humidity. While they offer a drying function, these machines are not specifically designed for drying. Excessive moisture content can result in high energy consumption and issues such as reduced output and poor forming effects.

GEP ECOTECH has rich experience in waste-to-fuel conversion, offering a series of equipment from shredders, magnetic separators, air separators to forming machines. Our equipment has extensive material adaptability, capable of transforming various combustible wastes such as municipal solid waste, industrial and commercial waste, demolition waste, leather textiles, and biomass into high-quality RDF/SRF. Our equipment is widely applied in waste-to-energy plants, cement factories, commercial RDF plants, and more.

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Material Mastery

  • RDF from MSW

    RDF from MSW

  • RDF from Leather

    RDF from Leather

  • RDF from Plastic

    RDF from Plastic

  • RDF from Textile

    RDF from Textile

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