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GEP ECOTECH's GPT Double-Roller Grinders are specifically designed for rubber recycling, capable of grinding rubber blocks into ultra-fine particles ranging from 10 to 40 mesh. Their compact size, high efficiency, and long-term reliability make them a standout choice in the waste tire recycling industry. Choose GEP ECOTECH to support the long-term success of your rubber recycling business.

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Product Insights

Rubber grinders are equipment designed specifically to grind discarded rubber products into small particles, facilitating the separation of impurities such as steel wire and fibers to produce high-purity rubber granules. By grinding waste rubber products into granules, they not only provide raw materials for rubber recycling and other industries but also reduce dependence on natural resources, contributing to the goal of sustainable development.

The two rollers of the rubber grinders rotate at high speed, and poorly crafted equipment may result in abnormal vibrations. In addition, frequent friction between the rollers generates a significant amount of heat, which may impact the production capacity of the equipment.

GEP ECOTECH's rubber grinder is designed for efficient rubber recycling, its compact structure makes it highly suitable for operation in limited spaces. Through specialized optimization addressing equipment wear and energy consumption, we assist users in reducing operational costs, enabling them to stand out in the competitive market with a more sustainable and efficient approach to rubber recycling.

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