Tyre Rubber Powder Uses

Tyre rubber powder, derived from the recycling of tires, specifies a size between 0.1 and 1 mm,is completely clean, free of any iron or fiber, finds various applications across industries due to its versatile nature and beneficial properties. 

tyre rubber powder

Some common uses of tyre rubber powder

1. Rubber Products Manufacturing:

  • Rubber Industry: The powder is utilized as a raw material in manufacturing new rubber products, including:
  • Tire Manufacturing: Incorporation into new tire compounds or tread patterns.
  • Rubberized Asphalt: Blending with asphalt for road construction, enhancing durability and skid resistance.
  • Rubber Mats and Flooring: Used for making rubber mats, flooring tiles, or other similar products.

2. Construction and Building Materials:

Construction Industry: Tyre rubber powder is incorporated into construction materials due to its shock-absorbing and insulating properties, used in:

  • Rubberized Concrete: Enhancing concrete properties like flexibility and vibration damping in construction.
  • Playground Surfaces: Mixes for playgrounds and sports fields, offering impact resistance and safety.

3. Environmental Applications:

  • Environmental Projects: Utilized in various environmental initiatives for sustainability:
  • Landfill Cover Material: Used as a protective and insulating cover in landfills, reducing leachate production.
  • Soil Amendment: Mixed into soil to improve drainage and aeration in agricultural or landscaping applications.

4. Miscellaneous Uses:

  • Manufacturing Processes: Employed as a filler or additive in various manufacturing processes to improve product properties.
  • Automotive and Industrial Applications: In automotive and industrial sectors for sound dampening or vibration reduction purposes.

How to make rubber powder

In fact, the waste tires into rubber powder is not a complex process, we need to understand the basic composition of rubber powder machine. A complete set of rubber powder machine is mainly composed of wire drawing machine, tire cutting machine, tire shredding machine, rubber grinding machine, etc. If you are interested, you can read the previous article: Waste Tire Recycling Machine for Rubber Powder.

rubber powder production line

The diverse range of applications for tyre rubber powder showcases its adaptability and the potential to contribute to both the manufacturing sector and environmentally sustainable practices. Based on this idea, GEP ECOTECH has developed a rubber powder production line in a green and profitable way, you are welcome to contact us to learn more about tyre rubber powder related knowledge and equipment.

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