Waste Tire Recycling

AIShred manufacturer of recycling equipment, launches its new twin-shaft Shredder for the recycling of waste tires from car and truck.The new double shaft shredder is the ideal machine for those who want to obtain, from the whole tire, a pellet with a single machine.


What Are The Factors to Consider When Selecting a Waste Tire Shredder?

When choosing a tire shredder, you should not only focus on the price, but also on the quality of the equipment. Consider the output, displacement, energy consumption, and choose a more suitable tire shredder equipment from the many tire shredder brands.What factors need to be considered when selecting a tire shredder?The characteristics of the material to be disposed ofWhen choosing a tire shredder, the selection should be based on the nature of the actual material to be processed. Different…


The Recycling of Waste Tires

With the rapid development of the automobile industry and the increase of cars, the number of scrap tires produced each year is also increasing. According to statistics, the world is expected to produce a total of about 2.35 billion tires in 2021, and the number is increasing year by year, causing serious harm to the environment. And scrap tires are treasures everywhere, and can be recycled after treatment, so the treatment of scrap tires is not only environmentally friendly but also has huge…


Waste Tyre Recycling and Disposal Process

As an essential material in people's daily lives, waste tyres are increasingly becoming a disposal problem with the development of the automotive industry. The tyres themselves are highly utilisableThe following are the two most common tyre recycling processes.Pyrolysis: Pyrolysis is one of the most thorough methods of treating automotive waste rubber. Cracking treatment has no pollutant emissions, and can also recover fuel oil and carbon black, which is conducive to environmental protection…


Material and Energy Recovery from Waste Tyres

Our environment is facing challenges, hundreds of millions of end-of-life tires are encroaching on our space, polluting soil and groundwater, high temperatures can cause them to burn, and harmful smoke is polluting the atmosphere.Fortunately, we already know how to recycle this waste. Convert them to gold through material and energy recovery.Material RecyclingDue to the resistant rubber material, the material recycling of used tires is very expensive. The industry has high demands on recycled…


The AIShred GDT Shredder: Upgraded Solution for Used Tires

Management of ELTs (End-of-Life Tires) has become a global challenge and the correct disposal of this type of waste is becoming more important every year.AIShred has designed and produced a complete system for processing scrap tires that meets the various new requirements for the correct disposal of this type of waste.The tire shredding plants developed by AIShred are systems with zero environmental impact, allowing to obtain a clean product that can be used in many contexts as a new raw…


Waste Tire Disposal Production Line Equipment to Be Sold to Kuwait

The waste tire resource recovery and reuse project can centrally dispose the waste tires, reduce pollution, and promote the high value-added utilization of waste tire resources. Its production, processing and reuse has far-reaching social significance and economic benefits, which can meet the market demand both at home and abroad. Recently, a customer in Kuwait purchased a complete set of waste tire disposal production line equipment from our company for rubber milling to make a rubber runway.


Scrap Tires to TDF with AIShred Shredders

Waste tires have great value and can turn them into alternative fuels used in cement kilns, power plants, steel mills, called TDF(Tire Derived Fuel), which reduces threats from unlawful stockpiling, while also creating economic profits.How is TDF produced?In simple terms, processing of discarded scrap tires into TDF consists of three main steps: shredding, screening and metal removal. The level of each is determined by the end user's needs and specifications (i.e., size of shreds and amount of…


Waste Tire as an Alternative Fuel of Cement Production Process

Conventional fuels like hard coal and lignite that are commonly used fuels in cement production have high specific CO2 emission values (Hard coal: ~95 kg CO2/GJ; Lignite: ~98 kg CO2/GJ). Consequently, substituting these with other fuels having lower specific emssion values (e.g. fuel oil or natural gas) or with other sources that can satisfy the thermal demand of the processes is an effective way of reducing CO2 emissons. Principally, in cement kilns conventional fossil fuels can be substituted…


Waste Tyre Recycling Process

Thanks to the development of technology and industry, as well as the standard of living of the population, the number of cars is increasing every year, and with it the production of car tires is also growing. Since their service life does not exceed 5 seasons on average, the problem of the tire recycling process is acute all over the world. Modern tires are a source of valuable materiales and include:Rubber - synthetic or natural, various resins and carbon black, which together form a complex…


Rubber Powder Tyre Shredding Machine

Rubber powder is produced by fine grinding automobile tires without the formation of elevated temperature, it completely retains the properties inherent in the original material (ductility, elongation, modulus of elasticity, etc.). The average particle size is about 150 µm.In production of rubber powder, crumb rubber is ground down into a clean powder form with virtually all steel and fiber removed. Rubber powder is applied in:production of thermoplastics, rubber products, production of…


Tyre Recycling Shredder With Sieve for Sale

For small and medium-sized businesses that want to produce rubber granules or rubber powder (with an output of less than 50 tons per hour), we recommend the AIShred dual-shaft tire shredder, which integrates tire shredding and screening, with advantagesa of small footprint and long-term reliability. It is used as the main shredder for many new tire disposal businesses or expansion of old businesses.As shown in the picture above, this is a tire shredder with a sieve. It can process the entire…


AIShred Solutions for Correct Recycling of Tires

Effective answers to the problem of tire recycling to obtain secondary raw material that can be reused in various fields.Since the beginning of its business, AIShred has been offering careful and effective solutions to the problem of tire recycling, making it possible to obtain - starting from the end-of-life tire - secondary raw material in different grain sizes, with the simultaneous separation of steel and textile fiber.Tires Recycling ProcessingThe first phase of the process involves the…


AIShred, New Industrial Shredder for Tires

AIShred is completing the design of a new industrial shredder specific for the treatment of waste tires.In terms of waste tire management, AIShred confirms that it is always attentive to the increasingly demanding demands of the market. With the aim of aligning with the terms of quality of the shredded tire, AIShred is completing the design of a new shredder capable of:Increase productivityEliminate the protruding steel wiresImprove the control of the output sizeDrastically reduce maintenance co…


Waste Tire Shredding for Recycling & Tire Derived Fuel TDF

Waste tires have a huge recycling value and AIShred can offer different stages of waste tire shredding and recycling systems designed to increase resource efficiency and reduce space occupation and pollution. AIShred has many years of hands-on project experience and can help customers design a tire recycling line that best meets their disposal requirements, reducing risk and costs and increasing profitability.AIShred's tire shredding and recycling systems are available in a wide range of…