Rubber Shredder

Rubber Shredder can handle all rubber products such as conveyor belts, scrap tires, etc. The shredded items can be used for recycling, producing other products or as fuel for cement kilns.

SBR Granules Production PlantSBR Granules Production Plant

"SBR" is an acronym for "Styrene-Butadiene Rubber," a synthetic rubber known for its versatility and numerous applications. When enhanced with additives, SBR exhibits exceptional resistance to abrasion and aging, making it a preferred choice in various industries. The popularity of SBR granules has grown significantly due to their diverse uses in engineering and construction projects, as well as their wide application in the production of rubber products, road repair, sports surfaces, tracks, rubber flooring, and more. SBR granules are derived from waste tires or other rubber materials through a straightforward and efficient manufacturing process. The key stages of production encompass shredding, steel wire separation, granulation, and fiber separation. GEP ECOTECH boasts extensive expertise in assisting customers with the design, manufacturing, and construction of rubber granule production lines. Our solutions are meticulously tailored to suit specific requirements, including raw materials, site conditions

How to Disposal Waste Gloves?How to Disposal Waste Gloves?

A large number of waste gloves will be produced in industrial production. Some gloves are made of fabric and some are made of rubber. If these waste gloves are directly burned or buried, it will be too wasteful. Waste fabric gloves contain a large amount of fiber and organic matter, which can be used for incineration and power generation after crushing/shredding, and rubber gloves can be used for production of rubber particles after crushing/shredding, which can not only reduce solid waste pollution, but also effectively recycle renewable resources. In the process of recycling waste gloves, shredding is an unavoidable link, which requires a shredder specially developed for waste gloves. The commonly used waste glove shredder is a double-shaft shredder, which processes materials based on the working principle of interaction between cutters. It has good shredding effect on soft and hard materials, and can easily shred a large number of waste gloves. The equipment is designed with low rotational speed and large

Scrap Tires to TDF with AIShred ShreddersScrap Tires to TDF with AIShred Shredders

Waste tires have great value and can turn them into alternative fuels used in cement kilns, power plants, steel mills, called TDF(Tire Derived Fuel), which reduces threats from unlawful stockpiling, while also creating economic profits. How is TDF produced?In simple terms, processing of discarded scrap tires into TDF consists of three main steps: shredding, screening and metal removal. The level of each is determined by the end user's needs and specifications (i.e., size of shreds and amount of metal removed). For shredding of scrap tires, equipment for tire processing generally comes in two types - slow speed and high-speed shredder. Slow speed shredder or rotary shear shredder is used to produce the larger chip sizes suitable for applications such as cement kilns, shearing the tire into 2 to 5-inch size shreds and liberating between 2 and 10 percent of the bead wire contained within the tire. The high speed single shaft shredder contains a rotor equipped with knives that shred the tire until they are of

Silicone Rubber Scrap Shredder for SaleSilicone Rubber Scrap Shredder for Sale

Silicone rubber is a kind of elastic and stable synthetic rubber, which has a wide range of uses in daily life, aerospace, automobile, construction, agriculture and animal husbandry and medical fields. Scrap or discarded silicone rubber is difficult to decompose and should be recycled to protect the environment and avoid waste. In-depth recovery of silicone rubber can obtain silicone oil and by-products; simple recovery of silicone rubber can obtain rubber, which can be used to cover or derive fuel. What does AIShred do?AIShred offers industrial shredders, crushers and granulators, which is a very important equipment in silicone rubber recycling plant. These equipments reduce silicone rubber scrap to a required size, which will greatly increase the efficiency of subsequent processing and reduce costs. Practice has proved that the shredder is one of the most important equipment in the silicone rubber scrap recycling process. AIShred's equipment has been used in the recycling process of various waste plastic

Scrap Conveyor Belt Shredder MachineScrap Conveyor Belt Shredder Machine

Rubber belts are the main consumables for conveyor belts, the lifespan of common rubber belts usually ranges from 1 year to 3 years, depending on the usage environment and work intensity. Large factories and production facilities generate many scrap rubber belts every year. Now, using AIShred's industrial shredders, they can be shredded into small pieces to be used as an alternative fuel for cement and steel plants, or ground into rubber powder to make recycled rubber products. AIShred Industrial Rubber Shredders FeaturesShredder Type: Twin-Shaft ShredderProduction Capacity: 1 - 30Ton/hDischarge Size: 50 - 300mmOptional equipment includes wire separator, electromagnetic separator, granulator, pulverizer and other. Buying a rubber shredder from AIShred gives you the possibility to dispose of most solid waste including end-of-life belts and tires.