AIShred Mobile Impact Crusher for Coal Crushing

About two years ago, an open-pit coal mine in Mongolia needed a new impact crusher: it was necessary to increase the yield of the 0-50 mm fraction. The coal boss chose the manufacturer for a long time and carefully, and eventually settled on the GEP ECOTECH solution - the crusher GEW12.

Mobile Impact Crusher

Exactly what is needed

The main selection criterion, according to the head of the technical complex of the mine, was the technical characteristics of the crusher.

"We purposefully searched not for a diesel, but for an electric car. This option shows itself to be the most economical: electricity is cheaper than diesel fuel. In addition, it is more environmentally friendly, since there are no spills of fuels and lubricants. The productivity of the plant is on average 2000 tons per shift. This indicator largely depends on the hardness and fineness of the coal. We use a crusher to obtain a class of 0-50 mm, although it has wider possibilities - 0-300 mm, " the specialist notes.

The high performance of the crusher is ensured, among other things, by an enlarged feed opening - this allows you to work with a large amount of material. In addition, the GEF series crushers use a special rotor design (larger than similar machines), which increases the rotor moment of inertia and power. The designers have improved the fastening of the beaters on the rotor, while ensuring their ease of replacement and reliable fixation.

Affordable Price

Another important characteristic is, of course, the price. And here GEP ECOTECH equipment demonstrates a very significant competitive advantage: the difference in cost compared to European counterparts reaches several times.

"Price characteristics are largely due to the fact that the production facilities are located in China. This is a German-Chinese joint venture. GEP ECOTECH is a large and experienced company. Its products - and these are shredding, crushing and screening equipment of various modifications - have been operating around the world for almost 10 years. The enterprise is actively developing: a few years ago it launched a new plant," said the director of the coal mine manager.

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