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As we all know, plastic crushers and shredders can also crush some plastic products. Before the waste plastics are recycled and granulated, they all need to be cleaned, crushed and washed, and the waste plastics are cut into material standards that can be directly molten and extruded by plastic granulators. And two types of plastic crusher and shredder are mostly used for the crushing and debris removal of waste plastics. Is it better to have a plastic crusher or a shredder for daily scrap plastic applications? The following is a review guide for the majority of users to buy these two types of machinery, I hope it will help you.

It can be said that plastic shredder is a branch of plastic crusher while plastic shredder belongs to plastic crusher.

In our daily life, plastic shredder means plastic shredder, but there are many kinds of plastic shredder, various models, various models of plastic shredder matching the material is also a variety of. In summary, the plastic crusher category is relatively large, plastic shredder is one of the more directional.

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Plastic crusher and plastic shredder in the structure and use of the difference

Plastic shredders can be divided into single-shaft shredders, twin-shaft shredders and four-shaft shredders according to their structure.

Single-shaft shredders are designed with only one knife roller and a motor driven by power, which has relatively low power and low power consumption. Small plastic recycling and pelletizing plants are better suited to single-shaft shredders. The two spindles of the twin-shaft shredder are used to engage the blades of the rollers; they are generally equipped with 2 motors and 2 reducers for strong power and high power consumption.

Twin-shaft shredders are suitable for large plastic recycling enterprises with clear quantitative standards for daily production capacity and shredding volume. For example, some users need to produce about ten tons, you need to choose a twin-shaft shredder.

The functions and configuration of the plastic shredder are almost identical to the structural principle of the single-shaft shredder.

Because the shredder is widely used, not only for plastic shredding, but also for shredding wood, metal, waste paper, rubber, tires, other garbage, etc., while the plastic crusher is only used for shredding waste plastic, so there is an essential difference between the two in terms of use and structure.

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