Equipment Selection for Biomass Shredding

In the field of biomass straw disposal, the shredding output of biomass is huge and some companies need uninterrupted operation of the equipment because of the demand for shredding output. Then this also strictly requires the hard core quality of the shredding equipment. At present, the biomass straw shredding industry, facing some more complex problems, such as: low production, high energy consumption, noise, frequent maintenance, failure rate and so on. Once these problems occur, the operation of the shredding line is bound to be affected. In response to these challenges, GEP ECOTECH has designed the GDB biomass straw shredding plant to meet the industry's needs. The plant can meet the size of the shredded material, and the shredded material can also be directly burned for power generation.

biomass straw

The material of biomass straw is usually divided into loose, square or round bales. The feeding method is not only by means of a grab feed bucket, but also by means of a metal chain conveyor. This conveyor has a large load capacity, is evenly loaded and supports the adjustment of speed. After the material is conveyed to the GDB biomass shredding plant, the plant uses the principle of mutual shearing and tearing between two relatively rotating cutters to shred the biomass straw, which has the characteristics of low speed and high torque, as well as low noise, high output and stability. After shredding, the material can be conveyed to the discharge bin through the discharge belt. The whole production line is equipped with an intelligent control system, and the automatic setting reduces the manpower requirements and the project investment costs.

biomass shredding plant

GEP ECOTECH has always adhered to the basic principle of "always build a good machine" in the solid waste shredding industry, and is serious about serving each and every one of our customers. Our professionalism will definitely provide you with a better shredding line, welcome to call us at any time.

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