WEEE Waste Processing

WEEE Waste Processing

  • Shredding and Volume Reduction of Large Appliances
  • E-waste Mining
  • Plastic Sorting and Recycling
  • Metals Separation and Recycling
  • Pyrolysis of Electronic Waste and Extraction of Residual Metals
  • Shredding and metal separation of used batteries
  • Electronic Memory(Hard disk, CD, Tape, etc) Destruction
  • Defective Electronic Devices Destruction

Electronic and electrical devices are pivotal in both industry and daily life, greatly boosting productivity and convenience. However, as these products are discarded, they pose a significant environmental challenge, polluting our surroundings.

These discarded devices contain valuable recyclable materials such as metals (aluminum, iron), precious metals (gold, silver), and plastics. Strategic recycling not only conserves the environment but also yields considerable economic benefits by reducing reliance on natural resources.

Electronic waste management, often termed "E-waste mining," encompasses collection, crushing, sorting, extraction, and smelting. GEP ECOTECH offers tailored solutions and cutting-edge equipment, empowering WEEE recycling businesses to efficiently handle electronic waste challenges. We're committed to delivering advanced technology that enables efficient and sustainable waste management, fostering environmental initiatives.

WEEE Waste Plant

How Can GEP ECOTECH help Recycling WEEE Waste

E-waste recycling is akin to mining, requiring raw materials to be reduced to appropriate sizes, a task facilitated by shredders or crushers. Moreover, given the variety of recyclable materials within electronic waste, diverse sorting equipment is typically employed based on the materials to effectively classify them.

GEP ECOTECH specializes in providing mechanical crushing and sorting equipment for electronic waste processing. Our equipment is also used for the destruction of defective or confidential products.

GEP ECOTECH designs and manufactures a diverse range of equipment that can be flexibly combined based on waste types, project scale, investment budget, and other considerations to create the most suitable electronic waste recycling production line. Our equipment handles various types of electronic waste:

  • Small household appliances and IT products: Such as hard drives, mice, vacuum cleaners, etc. After shredding and sorting, the fragments can be directly sold.
  • Large household appliances: Such as refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, etc. Recycling large appliances is more complex. Our equipment has been successfully utilized in the recycling production line of China's largest air conditioner manufacturer, Gree Electric Appliances, earning their full recognition.
  • Circuit boards: Many circuit boards contain precious metals. Through crushing, sorting, and wet metallurgy, precious metals can be efficiently extracted. Our shredder series accelerates the operation of the entire production line.
  • Cables: Discarded wires and cables contain plastic and metal. After shredding, they can be classified into copper, aluminum, plastic, and other materials.
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In today's world, an increasing number of countries have established laws and regulations concerning WEEE recycling, encouraging active involvement from businesses in the recycling of discarded electronic devices. Some regions have even integrated processing fees into the price of devices, enhancing the economic profit of WEEE recycling. GEP ECOTECH is committed to assisting clients in achieving their WEEE Waste recycling and sustainable development goals. We look forward to supporting your business.

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