Double Shaft Shear Shredder

The double-shaft shredder is a universal material shredding machine that uses shearing and tearing to reduce the size of material. The main advantage of the double-shaft shear shredder comes from its low speed and high torque drive, which provides a high shear force for waste disposal applications while ensuring a low noise and low dust operating environment.

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Double shaft shear shredders are used in a wide range of applications and are capable of shredding a variety of difficult solid wastes including tire rubber, industrial stranded rope, bulky waste, household waste, electronic waste, paper and plastic, etc. It is used in waste disposal centers, paper mills, biomass power stations, farm slaughterhouses, landfills, recycling centers, RDF/TDF and Waste to Energy projects.

Double Shaft Sheare ShredderDouble Shaft Sheare Shredder

AIShred offers different models of double-shaft shear shredders for different types and sizes of applications, which may have different shapes and components, but still maintain the same high efficiency based on the same shredding principle. AIShred's common dual-shaft shredders include industrial waste shredders, waste tire shredders, biomass fuel shredders, kitchen waste shredders and bulky waste shredders.

Depending on the project's drive system requirements, AIShred offers both motor + gearbox and hydraulic motor drives, which are characterized by their high power, and can also offer mobile twin-shaft shredders based on tracks or tires, which are mobile, flexible, require no infrastructure and have high value retention.

AIShred twin-shaft shredders have a more stable frame construction (integral knife box, machined in one piece), longer tool life and longer service time than the competition.


Municipal Solid Waste Municipal Solid Waste
Organic/Food Waste Organic/Food Waste
Demolition Waste Demolition Waste
Scrap Tires Scrap Tires
Hazardous Waste Hazardous Waste
Medical Waste Medical Waste
Scrap Metal Scrap Metal
Paper Mill Rope & Waste Paper Mill Rope & Waste
Waste Paper & Cardboard Waste Paper & Cardboard
Hard Plastic Products Hard Plastic Products
Waste Textiles Waste Textiles
Leather Scraps Leather Scraps
Car shell Car shell
Metal Drum, Can, Container, etc Metal Drum, Can, Container, etc
Waste Electrical Appliances Waste Electrical Appliances
Mattress & Furniture Mattress & Furniture
Waste Cable Waste Cable
Used Battery Used Battery
Waste Glass bottle Waste Glass bottle
Hard Disk & Memory Hard Disk & Memory
Electronic Waste Electronic Waste
Waste Wood & Garden Waste Waste Wood & Garden Waste
Pallets and Bulky Waste Pallets and Bulky Waste
Biomass Material Biomass Material

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