Four-Shaft Shredder

Concise Overview

GEP ECOTECH's four-shaft shredders provide powerful shearing force, capable of processing materials into consistently uniform dimensions. Its easily replaceable screens meet specific task needs for the desired final size. Four-shaft shredders excel in both primary and secondary shredding stages, offering flexible, high-performance reduction solutions.

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Product Insights

Four-shaft shredders are designed to process challenging materials into uniform sizes in a single pass. Compared to dual-shaft shredders, they feature two additional auxiliary shafts for extra shearing force, and the classifier screen that allows to define the output size.

Maintaining four-shaft shredders poses a significant challenge, particularly when it involves replacing or repairing the bottom blades. This intricate process demands highly skilled technicians with specialized tools and can extend over many hours.

GEP ECOTECH four-shaft shredders are suitable for most size reduction and heavy-duty applications. We recommend using them for handling complex materials and when there are strict output size requirements for single-stage shredding.

GEP ECOTECH four-shaft shredders are renowned for their robust construction and powerful drive shafts. We utilize top-tier materials to enhance blade longevity and equip them with robust electrical or hydraulic drives, along with an intelligent control system. This combination sets GEP ECOTECH four-shaft shredders apart from their counterparts in the same category.

Material Mastery

  • IBC Tote IBC Tote

    IBC Tote

  • FIBC Bulk bag FIBC Bulk bag

    FIBC Bulk bag

  • Waste Appliances Waste Appliances

    Waste Appliances

  • Thick-Wall Plastic Pipe Thick-Wall Plastic Pipe

    Thick-Wall Plastic Pipe

  • Oil Filter Oil Filter

    Oil Filter

  • Waste Tire Waste Tire

    Waste Tire

  • Paint Bucket Paint Bucket

    Paint Bucket

  • Wooden Pallet Wooden Pallet

    Wooden Pallet

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