Four Shaft Shredder

Four Shaft Shredder

The four-shaft shredder is a heavy-duty shear shredding plant that provides greater shear and higher throughput. Compared to the double-shaft shear shredder, the two extra shredding shafts not only allow it to "eat" the material better, with greater shear, but also ensure a more uniform discharge. The structure of the four-shaft shredder is more complex than the double -shaft, which adds to the difficulties of repair and maintenance.

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The 4-shaft shredder is typically used for large projects to process a wide range of tough, ductile waste materials including bulky waste, end-of-life tyres, industrial waste, electronic waste, non-ferrous metals etc. and to obtain consistent shapes and sizes. The high level of the cutter assists in shredding and gripping the material, thus making it easier for the material to enter the cutter box and eliminating the need for an additional press device.

Four Shaft ShredderFour Shaft Shredder

AIShred offers four-shaft shredders with high performance cutters and hexagonal bearings. The integral cutter box with advanced heat treatment process can make the four-shaft shredder more reliable, stable and long-lasting. At the same time, motor-driven or hydraulic drive methods are available according to project needs, where the hydraulic drive system includes hydraulic motors, hydraulic pumps, cooling devices and necessary auxiliary devices. High quality core hydraulic components guarantee long and stable operation of the machine; the whole power system is designed for low speed and high torque, with high shredding capacity.


Municipal Solid Waste Municipal Solid Waste
Industrial Waste Industrial Waste
Scrap Metal Briquettes Scrap Metal Briquettes
Scrap Car Shell Scrap Car Shell
Scrap Metal Drums & Containers Scrap Metal Drums & Containers
Sofa & Bulky Waste Sofa & Bulky Waste
Waste Electrical Appliances Waste Electrical Appliances
Waste Tires Waste Tires
Paper Mill Twist Rope & Residue Paper Mill Twist Rope & Residue
Hard Disks & Storage Media Hard Disks & Storage Media
C&D Waste C&D Waste
Tough Plastic Waste Tough Plastic Waste

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