How to Remove the Metal Wires Arising From the Shredded Bulky Waste?

With the continuous advancement of urbanization, the treatment of bulky waste has become an increasingly important environmental management issue. Bulky waste include discarded furniture, electrical facilities, building materials, etc., often containing a large amount of metal components. In the process of handling bulky waste, in order to better recycle resources and protect the environment, effective technical measures need to be taken to remove the metal wires in it. The following are some common metal wire removal techniques for shredding bulky waste:

shredded bulky waste

1. Magnetic Removal Technology

The metals in bulky waste typically include ferromagnetic metals, which are sensitive to magnetic fields. Therefore, powerful magnetic equipment such as magnetic separators can be used to magnetically separate the post shredding waste. Magnetic metals will be adsorbed onto the surface of the device, thereby achieving effective removal of such metal wires.

magnetic separators

2. Vibration Screening Technology

Through vibration screening equipment, the shredded waste can be screened, effectively separating metal wires from other non-metallic parts. The different mesh sizes of vibration screening equipment can be used to separate metal wires of different sizes, improving the recovery rate of metal wires.

3. Induced Current Separation Technology

Induced current separation is a technique that induces eddy currents in metals through an electromagnetic field, resulting in magnetic field reactions that repel the metals from the waste mixture. This technology is equally effective for non-ferromagnetic metals such as copper and aluminum, and can effectively remove such metal wires.

4. Artificial Intelligence Recognition Technology

In recent years, with the development of artificial intelligence technology, technologies such as image recognition and machine learning have gradually been applied in the field of waste disposal. By intelligently analyzing the images of post shredding waste, automatic recognition and separation of metal wires can be achieved.

The removal of metal wires after shredding of bulky waste is one of the key steps in achieving the recycling of waste. Selecting appropriate technological means can not only improve the recovery rate of metals, reduce resource waste, but also effectively reduce environmental pollution. In the future, with the continuous innovation and improvement of technology, it is believed that more advanced technologies will be applied to the field of bulky waste treatment, making greater contributions to urban environmental management and sustainable development.

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