Bulky Waste Shredder

GEP ECOTECH has designed a special shredder for bulky waste disposal. It has a large feeding port and can customize the drive device. GEP ECOTECH bulky waste shredder can process various difficult-to-handle materials such as sofas, mattresses, household appliances, etc., to achieve the effect of volume reduction and recycling.

Industrial Shredder with Baler for Sofas, Mattresses, and Furniture

In the realm of waste management, the disposal of bulky items like sofas, mattresses, and furniture presents unique challenges. However, the integration of industrial shredders with balers offers a transformative solution, revolutionizing the processing of these large and cumbersome items. Efficient Shredding of Sofas, Mattresses, and FurnitureIndustrial shredders equipped with robust cutting mechanisms and customizable configurations are capable of efficiently shredding sofas, mattresses, and furniture into smaller, more manageable pieces. These shredders can handle a variety of materials commonly found in these items, including wood, metal, foam, fabric, and plastics. By breaking down these bulky items, shredders significantly reduce their volume, making them easier to handle and process.Optimized Material Compaction with BalersOnce shredded, the materials from sofas, mattresses, and furniture can be efficiently compacted into dense bales using industrial balers. Balers compress the shredded materials,

How to Remove the Metal Wires Arising From the Shredded Bulky Waste?How to Remove the Metal Wires Arising From the Shredded Bulky Waste?

With the continuous advancement of urbanization, the treatment of bulky waste has become an increasingly important environmental management issue. Bulky waste include discarded furniture, electrical facilities, building materials, etc., often containing a large amount of metal components. In the process of handling bulky waste, in order to better recycle resources and protect the environment, effective technical measures need to be taken to remove the metal wires in it. The following are some common metal wire removal techniques for shredding bulky waste:1. Magnetic Removal TechnologyThe metals in bulky waste typically include ferromagnetic metals, which are sensitive to magnetic fields. Therefore, powerful magnetic equipment such as magnetic separators can be used to magnetically separate the post shredding waste. Magnetic metals will be adsorbed onto the surface of the device, thereby achieving effective removal of such metal wires.2. Vibration Screening TechnologyThrough vibration screening equipment, the

How to Design the Recycling Disposal Process for Bulky Waste?How to Design the Recycling Disposal Process for Bulky Waste?

The disposal of bulky waste in the backend of waste classification is a project that has received much attention in the sanitation market. From the initial disposal ideas proposed, to the matching of equipment, to the operation of the project, we have all gone through an exploration period. We continuously conduct peripheral inspections, learn from the same industry, and conduct technical research at home and abroad, with the aim of finding more professional and reliable large-scale waste disposal processes. After a “fast” pace of work, we have matured this path and perfected the craftsmanship. From the establishment of “temporary storage points for bulky waste” in residential areas to utilizing the power of community property management to conduct weekly/monthly statistics, we make reasonable planning and involve the property management in the waste classification work. When it is necessary to clear and transport bulky waste, the property management and the cleaning organization will connect to carry out

Disposal Process of Bulky WasteDisposal Process of Bulky Waste

Disposal process of Bulky waste: Bulky waste (sofa, mattress, furniture, etc.) is put into the chain conveyor manually or by a grab truck, and the chain conveyor sends Bulky waste into the primary shredder for shredding (shearing, crushing, tearing). The shredded materials (discharge particle size less than 300mm) are crushed by the secondary shredder (discharge particle size less than 100mm), The air separator separates the shredded material into two types: heavy material and light material, and the light material enters the RDF pelleting machine to make RDF fuel; Heavy materials (mainly metal and wood) are separated by magnetic separators to obtain pure wood. Metal is a recyclable material, and wood can be used as fuel for biomass thermal power plants or reused into plywood. The dust generated during shredding is collected through dust collectors, and the final gas emissions meet environmental requirements. The recycling production line for bulky waste disposal can not only solve the problem of garbage

AIShred Optimized Dual-Shaft Shredder for Bulky WasteAIShred Optimized Dual-Shaft Shredder for Bulky Waste

When it comes to processing bulky waste items, such as appliances, furniture, and other bulky materials, traditional shredders often fall short. these machines are typically designed to handle smaller pieces of waste and can struggle to efficiently shred or break down larger items. This is where dual-shaft shredders come in. these machines feature two rotating shafts that work together to chop and shred large waste items into smaller, more manageable pieces. however, to truly optimize the use of dual-shaft shredders for bulky waste items, it's important to understand some key considerations and best practices. Choosing the Right Dual-shaft ShredderOne of the first considerations when using a dual-shaft shredder for bulky waste items is choosing the right machine for the job. there are several factors to keep in mind:size: make sure the shredder is large enough to accommodate the largest items you'll be processing.power: look for a shredder with a powerful motor that can handle the demands of shredding large

Shredding and Treatment of Bulky WastesShredding and Treatment of Bulky Wastes

Bulky waste disposal has always been a hot topic in urban environmental protection planning. Bulky waste disposal planning can be seen in many projects. At present, the disposal of bulky waste in the market has also gradually derived mature systems and methods, which have been well used around the world. From the perspective of the proportion of bulky waste, most of bulky waste is composed of wood, sponge, waste textile, plastic, metal and other materials, which have high recycling value, such as: 1. Wood can be made into boards or crushed to make alternative fuels for incineration and power generation, so as to save coals; 2. The sponge can be made of recycled cotton, other colored sponges and elastic materials; 3. Waste textiles can be reprocessed into new textiles, or alcoholized by chemical methods and then polymerized and spun to produce polyester and other products; Waste textiles also have high calorific value, and can be used to produce alternative fuels for incineration power generation after

AIShred Bulky Waste Shredders in Solid Waste Disposal CentresAIShred Bulky Waste Shredders in Solid Waste Disposal Centres

Solid waste disposal centre, generally refers to the decoration waste crushing disposal, construction and demolition waste disposal, bulky waste disposal centre, bulky waste shredder plays an irreplaceable role in it. Whether it is construction and demolition waste or renovation waste, there will be a lot of materials belonging to the large piece of waste put together, like sponge cushions, packaging, carpets, plastic and other light materials, these materials through the disposal of large piece of waste shredder, can achieve a greater degree of capacity reduction. For this reason ,AIShred has launched the GDL series of bulky waste shredders, a highly productive shredding and capacity reduction machine developed specifically for the bulky waste industry. The GDL series is designed with low speed and high torque, and is CE certified, featuring high shear force, good shredding effect, low noise and high stability. The equipment is mainly used for the shredding and disposal of waste mattresses, sofas, tables

AIShred Pre-Shredder for Large-Volume and Bulky Pieces of Waste Wood ProcessingAIShred Pre-Shredder for Large-Volume and Bulky Pieces of Waste Wood Processing

GEP ECOTECH has developed the AIShred Pre Shredder for the pre-shredding of such large-volume and bulky wooden components. This can be combined with its single-shaft shredder and can thus increase throughput by up to 50 percent. With its powerful and large single-shaft shredders, AIShred offers efficient solutions for reliably processing large-volume wooden components such as pallets in continuous operation. However, it was absolutely necessary to select a larger machine for large and bulky components, which also required a correspondingly larger installation area than the new combined solution. “In addition to the large space requirement, there is another point that needs to be considered. We have a relatively low throughput when shredding these load carriers if we feed them directly to a shredder," says Ethan, Area Sales Manager at GEP Ecotech. The reason: Due to the construction of the pallets with spaced boards and skids, "there is a lot of space between the material". The crushing process thus takes a

Solid & Bulky Waste Shredder MachineSolid & Bulky Waste Shredder Machine

Due to the large volume and inconvenient transportation of solid, bulky waste, it is often necessary to reduce the volume and quantity of bulky waste in the process of resource recycling, and then recycle and reuse the materials according to different material properties and needs. A recycling company from Europe purchased a set of bulky waste shredder machine from our company, including related chain plate conveyor, belt conveyor, intelligent control system and other equipment, in order to achieve the purpose of resource recycling and reuse of bulky waste. Now let's learn about some related issues of large waste disposal. Definition of Bulky WasteLarge waste refers to solid items that are large in volume and strong in integrity and need to be separated and reprocessed. Including waste household appliances (waste refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, etc.) and furniture (such as sofas, mattresses, cabinets, etc.).Disposal Process of Bulky Waste Resource RecyclingThe bulky waste shredder uses the

Bulky Waste Shredding & Disposal Plant Exported to AustraliaBulky Waste Shredding & Disposal Plant Exported to Australia

Bulky waste refers to waste furniture and other domestic wastes that are generated in daily life or activities providing services for daily life, weigh more than 5kg, have a volume of more than 0.2m3 or have a length of more than 1m, and have strong integrity and need to be disassembled. For example: waste bed frame, mattress, sofa, table, chair, wardrobe, bookcase, waste household appliances, kitchen appliances, sanitary appliances and other large items. Recently, an Australian furniture manufacturer finally purchased a complete set of bulky waste disposal plant from AIShred after comparison with many other manufacturers. Bulky Waste Disposal SystemThe bulky waste disposal system is mainly composed of metal chain conveyor, double shaft shear crusher, iron remover, dust reduction system, intelligent control system, etc. The equipment configuration and model of bulky waste disposal production line are mainly based on the output and discharge size requirements of customers. First, the bulky waste is manually

Three Bases for Choosing a Bulky Waste ShredderThree Bases for Choosing a Bulky Waste Shredder

With the waste classification policy gradually in our daily life to form a deep impact, like waste sofas, mattresses, waste furniture type of bulky waste materials are also increasing day by day, many areas to establish bulky waste disposal centre needs also gradually mentioned on a daily basis. Recently we have also received inquiries from people in various parts of the country about bulky waste disposal equipment, in order to let you have a good direction before consulting the choice of communication, in which we have also organized a few bulky waste shredder selection basis, I hope you can carefully understand the next, for you to be able to play a certain amount of help Selection basis I: A certain understanding of the jurisdictional scope of the area where bulky waste is to be made, the population of the jurisdiction, the approximate bulky waste stock or the amount of domestic waste generated we estimate the amount of bulky waste according to the ratio. We have an understanding of where the bulky waste

Mattress Shredder for SaleMattress Shredder for Sale

Old mattresses is a type of bulky waste, discarding it creates pollution and waste. Large quantities of mattresses are a huge challenge for waste management companies because of their bulk, which means more shipping costs. The good news is that AIShred has launched a special plant for the processing of mattresses, sofas and other bulky wastes. It includes a centre shredder, chain conveyor, magnetic separator, and other necessary supporting equipment. Mattress shredder can shred large volume mattresses into small pieces, recycle metal, wood, textile, plastic, leather can be made into RDF. Mattress Shredder for SaleMattress Shredder can be a double-shaft shredder or four-shaft shredder, shredding material by shear, Its advantages are low speed, high torque, low noise and less dust generated during operation. The double-shaft shredder is a commonly used mattress shredder because of its simple structure, stable operation and easy maintenance.AIShred Bulky Shredder for SaleAIShred is a professional shredder

The Use of Waste Furniture After CrushingThe Use of Waste Furniture After Crushing

In fact, waste furniture has many uses after being crushed. The recycled waste furniture contains a lot of wood materials. After processing, these wood materials will be turned into fuel and supplied to the power plant. The combustion value is equivalent to the heat of burning 428.5 kg of standard coal. In the recycling of waste furniture, not only wood can be smashed and reused, but various waste materials from furniture dismantling can also be smashed and classified by machines to achieve 100% treatment and utilization.How to crush waste furniture and reuse itThe waste furniture is sent to the conveyor belt in batches and enters the high-power bulky waste shredder. The shredder uses the principle of mutual shearing and tearing between two relatively rotating knives to shred the material. The waste furniture is quickly cut and shredded into small pieces. After crushing, the materials are transported to the magnetic separator. Under the action of magnetic force, metal objects such as iron nails, iron wires,