Pre Shredder

Pre-shredders are used to carry out preliminary treatment of bulky waste. This allows sorting while reducing the volume of waste. Once prepared, these materials can move on to the actual shredding stage.

Enhancing Municipal Solid Waste Management in Poland with a 20-ton/h Shredder MachineEnhancing Municipal Solid Waste Management in Poland with a 20-ton/h Shredder Machine

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) management is a critical aspect of urban sustainability and environmental preservation. In Poland, addressing the challenges posed by MSW requires innovative solutions. A key initiative involves the implementation of a 20-ton/h shredder machine designed for the pre-treatment of MSW.Project OverviewThe primary objective of deploying a 20-ton/h shredder machine is to streamline the preliminary processing of MSW, breaking it down into smaller components for improved subsequent sorting, recycling, and treatment. The chosen machine offers substantial processing capabilities to accommodate the significant volume of waste.Equipment SelectionThe selection criteria for the shredder machine emphasized both the scale and efficiency of the equipment. The chosen machine is equipped to handle diverse materials present in MSW, including plastics, paper, metals, and organic waste. After repeated project research and communication, the project finally selected GEP ECOTECH's GC hydraulic primary

AIShred Pre-Shredder for Large-Volume and Bulky Pieces of Waste Wood ProcessingAIShred Pre-Shredder for Large-Volume and Bulky Pieces of Waste Wood Processing

GEP ECOTECH has developed the AIShred Pre Shredder for the pre-shredding of such large-volume and bulky wooden components. This can be combined with its single-shaft shredder and can thus increase throughput by up to 50 percent. With its powerful and large single-shaft shredders, AIShred offers efficient solutions for reliably processing large-volume wooden components such as pallets in continuous operation. However, it was absolutely necessary to select a larger machine for large and bulky components, which also required a correspondingly larger installation area than the new combined solution. “In addition to the large space requirement, there is another point that needs to be considered. We have a relatively low throughput when shredding these load carriers if we feed them directly to a shredder," says Ethan, Area Sales Manager at GEP Ecotech. The reason: Due to the construction of the pallets with spaced boards and skids, "there is a lot of space between the material". The crushing process thus takes a

Waste Pre Shredder for MSWWaste Pre Shredder for MSW

You need a high-availability primary shredder for processing of municipal solid waste, whether for landfilling or making RDF. Shredder is the most common equipment in the field of solid waste management. Its function is to shred solid waste into small pieces for subsequent treatment. When dealing with municipal solid waste, the pre shredder can shred large pieces of waste into small pieces for easy sorting, at the same time, shredded combustible waste have a higher combustion efficiency. AIShred not only provides pre shredders for the treatment of municipal solid waste, but also provides total solutions, click here to view AIShred MSW solutions. How to get your tailored shredder information As you know, even the same model of shredder may use different motors or hydraulic drives, other supporting components may also be different, because the working conditions of each production line are different, so the shredders used in the production line are configured on a case-by-case basis. So how to get shredder

Pre-Shredder Machine for SalePre-Shredder Machine for Sale

Pre-shredders are heavy duty machines used in waste treatment centers. They are used to coarsely grind bulky waste to reduce its volume. This treatment may be mandatory before passing through finer shredders. The Pre-shredder is driven by hydraulics and has a strong torque, it can shred different materials. They can thus be used for the treatment of municipal solid waste, industrial and commercial waste, wood or even metal. How to choose a pre-shredder?Certain criteria must be considered before embarking on the acquisition of a pre-shredder. It is therefore necessary to assess the type of material that the machine will be required to shred. This will determine the shredding technology towards which to move. It is also necessary to take into account the volume of products to be processed.

AIShred Launch its Pre-shredder that Would Process C&D WastesAIShred Launch its Pre-shredder that Would Process C&D Wastes

Last week, AIShred's new range of heavy duty pre-shredder was manufactured in its new factory in YuanYang, Henan, and will soon be shipped to Poland along with other accessories for construction and demolition waste(C&D waste) disposal. AIShred's Pre-shredder is a multi-purpose shredder with powerful shredding capacity capable of accepting difficult-to-manage materials such as drywall, aluminum alloys, insulation, windmill blades, fiberglass, wood planks, tree stumps, tires, and more . James, Zhai, general sales manager at AIShred, says "My clients made the best purchasing decisions because we were the strongest company among their purchasing candidates. My team and I have done several rounds of technical clarification to the client, and the client has expressed high recognition of our strength". "The pre-shredder is widely used in solid waste management, can handle various mixed materials. It is the primary shredding equipment for many municipal solid waste and C&D waste facilities. This pre-shredders

Pre ShredderPre Shredder

Pre Shredder


Pre-shredders are designed for the initial stage of multi-stage shredding systems, aimed at the preprocessing of large-volume, unclassified, mixed, or densely compacted materials. This helps reduce the workload on downstream shredding systems, minimizes wear and tear, and contributes to improved production line throughput and stability.The primary task of pre-shredders is to achieve uniform processing of material flow and are not capable of shredding materials into small sizes. They typically collaborate with shear shredders to ensure that the waste stream attains specifications suitable for subsequent processing.GEP ECOTECH pre-shredder is a heavy-duty dual-shaft equipment that can easily cope with the challenges posed by large flows of unsorted materials and large-volume materials. They are recommended for processing a wide range of materials, including municipal solid waste, construction and demolition debris, bulky waste, landfill waste, mixed waste, scrap vehicles, and metal packaging. GEP ECOTECH pre-