Heavy Duty Shredder Machine

AIShred heavy duty shredder machines are applied in industrial grade material volume reduction and recycling tasks. Heavy-duty industrial shredders use electric or hydraulic drives and are capable of handling all difficult-to-dispose materials such as end-of-life vehicles, bulky waste, construction demolition waste, municipal solid waste and so on.

Industrial Shredder for Sale in Sri LankaIndustrial Shredder for Sale in Sri Lanka

AIShred offers a wide range of industrial shredders for sale in Sri Lanka that are designed to shred various materials, from waste paper to wood, metal shavings, and even plastics. Our industrial shredders come equipped with conveyors, batchers, cyclones, vibrating screens, and other types of equipment, allowing for automated processes and increased efficiency. At AIShred, we understand that each business has unique shredding needs which is why our engineers will assist you in selecting the best shredding equipment and configuring it to meet your specific requirements. Our shredders can be adapted to specific tasks and technical parameters, allowing for maximum performance. One of the benefits of using our industrial shredders is the reduction of waste volume, allowing for more efficient storage and disposal. In addition, our shredders can protect confidential information and improve recycling efforts. Our shredders also feature automatic shut-off and safety guards to ensure the safety of operators during

Heavy Duty Single Shaft Shredder for SaleHeavy Duty Single Shaft Shredder for Sale

AIShred small single shaft shredders are designed for reducting all kinds of large-sized and thick-walled wastes of plastics, rubber, wood, box packaging, old furniture, old sawn trees, boards, bars, window and door frames, pallets, tree branches, stumps, as well as polymer ingots and sprues, film rolls, tires. The hydraulic pressing device crushes the material as efficiently as possible, the load on the rotor is controlled automatically, the operating mode depends on the material being processed and is set by the operator on the control panel. The rotor is equipped with a reverse motion system, which, when the load is exceeded, allows you to automatically turn on the reverse motion, avoiding damage to the knives and the engine. Sharply sharpened, tooth-shaped (curved) knives located on the rotor have 4 working surfaces. When one of the surfaces becomes dull, no resharpening of the knife is required, it is enough to turn it 90 degrees. Thus, the service life of the knives is increased by 4 times. This design

Heavy Duty Wood Shredder for Wooden Railroad SleepersHeavy Duty Wood Shredder for Wooden Railroad Sleepers

Original wooden railroad ties are being replaced by concrete for longer life and less maintenance. Are there any other uses for the replaced wooden sleepers that have reached the end of their life? Of Course Yes! Using AIShred shredder machines, these sleepers can be turned into compost raw materials, garden mulch, boiler fuel, etc. AIShred Wooden Products Shredding SolutionRegardless of whether the raw material is railway sleepers, wooden pallets, logs or other waste wood, whether there are foreign objects (nails, wires, etc.), AIShred has corresponding solutions and equipment to meet any output size requirements. Our GC, GD and GS series of heavy-duty shredders have a throughput of up to 60 tons per hour. AIShred designs and manufactures twin-shaft shredders, single-shaft shredders, quad-shaft shredders and other crushing and sorting equipment. Not just waste sleepers, our equipment can also help you recycle other wooden waste such as pallets, building formwork, etc. The number of application cases of our

AIShred Launches Its New Version of Single Shaft Shredder MachineAIShred Launches Its New Version of Single Shaft Shredder Machine

Ahead of China's National Day, AIShred has released a new generation of heavy duty single shaft shredders. This new series shredders has been revolutionaryly upgraded, our engineers not only fully adjusted its structural design, but also strengthened the equipment as a whole. The upgraded equipment has stronger shredding capacity and better processing effect in processing of high-strength and complex materials in large production lines. The new product has so many upgrades that it can stand out in numerous applications. Whether it is volume reduction, material recovery or energy recovery, the GSE 3 provides not only reliability, but also greater durability and higher discharge material quality. "The first machine will be applied to the industrial waste disposal project in Zhejiang, China. In addition, we also provided a twin-shaft shredder and an RDF granulator. The customer is quite satisfied with the solution we provided, we are sure it will give our customers a super competitive advantage", said Luhao,

Heavy Duty Plant Material Shredder MachineHeavy Duty Plant Material Shredder Machine

AIShred has small, medium and large industrial shredders, which can meet the needs of shredding and processing for plant materials of different scales. These shredders can be used in different plant material processing industries, below I'd like to introduce some popular applications for you. Cannabis Waste DestructionLow-speed twin-shaft shredders work quietly in the plant, they can process cannabis roots, bulbs and whole plants, which help reduce its size and make its further processing efficient. AIShred's shredders can help cannabis growers and industry chain people meet regulatory requirements for cannabis processing. AIShred's shredders are also used for the safe destruction of other medicinal plants and various products.Brown Composting Materials ShreddingThe organic material for composting includes brown material and green material, brown material is usually plant material including branches, leaves, bark, hay, which is the carbon source of compost, and green material is the nitrogen source of

Fiberglass Shredder Machine for SaleFiberglass Shredder Machine for Sale

Fiberglass is a composite material based on quartz sand. It is used for the manufacture of building materials, as well as various high-tech and durable lightweight structures. In real life, fiberglass means a glass fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP or GFRP). In modern life, glassfiber is widely used for packaging, covering, structure and other purposes. Accordingly, end-of-life fiberglass components must be disposed of correctly. At present, mechanical shredding are usually used, and the resulting shreded products can be used as fillers in tar, cement or other mixtures, or burned for energy. Fiberglass Shredder MachineGlassfiber is strong and has many kinds, you need a professional equipment to handle it. The low-speed, high-torque, heavy duty dual-shaft shearing shredder can shred glass fibers to a size of about 10cm (the specific size varies with the material), and the single-shaft shredder can shred the material to a smaller size. In early 2022, AIShred delivered a fully automatic Fiberglass two stage

Pre-Shredder Machine for SalePre-Shredder Machine for Sale

Pre-shredders are heavy duty machines used in waste treatment centers. They are used to coarsely grind bulky waste to reduce its volume. This treatment may be mandatory before passing through finer shredders. The Pre-shredder is driven by hydraulics and has a strong torque, it can shred different materials. They can thus be used for the treatment of municipal solid waste, industrial and commercial waste, wood or even metal. How to choose a pre-shredder?Certain criteria must be considered before embarking on the acquisition of a pre-shredder. It is therefore necessary to assess the type of material that the machine will be required to shred. This will determine the shredding technology towards which to move. It is also necessary to take into account the volume of products to be processed.

AIShred Launch its Pre-shredder that Would Process C&D WastesAIShred Launch its Pre-shredder that Would Process C&D Wastes

Last week, AIShred's new range of heavy duty pre-shredder was manufactured in its new factory in YuanYang, Henan, and will soon be shipped to Poland along with other accessories for construction and demolition waste(C&D waste) disposal. AIShred's Pre-shredder is a multi-purpose shredder with powerful shredding capacity capable of accepting difficult-to-manage materials such as drywall, aluminum alloys, insulation, windmill blades, fiberglass, wood planks, tree stumps, tires, and more . James, Zhai, general sales manager at AIShred, says "My clients made the best purchasing decisions because we were the strongest company among their purchasing candidates. My team and I have done several rounds of technical clarification to the client, and the client has expressed high recognition of our strength". "The pre-shredder is widely used in solid waste management, can handle various mixed materials. It is the primary shredding equipment for many municipal solid waste and C&D waste facilities. This pre-shredders

Heavy Duty Industrial Shredder Machine PriceHeavy Duty Industrial Shredder Machine Price

There are a lot of inquiries from countries all over the world about the price of our shredder or shredding system, some of which are as simple as "I plan to build a tire shredding plant, how much it will cost me?". Frankly, this is a difficult question to answer, like when someone goes shopping for a car and asks "I want to buy a car, how much is it?". I believe the answer has no any reference value for you. Purchasing a industrial shredder or setting up a industrial shredding system is a much more complicated process than buying a car. What you need is not just a machine, but a complex system that can operate smoothly and continuously, and there are even many Questions should be considered, like what is the total power consumption, how much floor space is required, how to design the layout, what is the disposal cost per ton, etc. The good news is that we are experts in this industry and can give many professional supports for you. Leave your requirements (including necessary self-introduction, project