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Fiberglass is a composite material based on quartz sand. It is used for the manufacture of building materials, as well as various high-tech and durable lightweight structures. In real life, fiberglass means a glass fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP or GFRP).

In modern life, glassfiber is widely used for packaging, covering, structure and other purposes. Accordingly, end-of-life fiberglass components must be disposed of correctly. At present, mechanical shredding are usually used, and the resulting shreded products can be used as fillers in tar, cement or other mixtures, or burned for energy.

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Fiberglass Shredder Machine

Glassfiber is strong and has many kinds, you need a professional equipment to handle it. The low-speed, high-torque, heavy duty dual-shaft shearing shredder can shred glass fibers to a size of about 10cm (the specific size varies with the material), and the single-shaft shredder can shred the material to a smaller size.

Fiberglass Shredding Line

In early 2022, GEP ECOTECH delivered a fully automatic Fiberglass two stage shredding system to Luxi Chemical, a famous Chinese chemical company. This plant processes more than 10 tons per hour, and the shreded product is sent to cement plant.

GEP ECOTECH Shredding Technology

GEP ECOTECH provides the most comprehensive range of industrial waste shredders, designed to increase clients’ profitability through engineering excellence, efficiency and reliability. GEP ECOTECH is headquartered in Zhengzhou/China. It was originally founded as a machine OEM factory. GEP ECOTECH's shredding plants enable the recycling of all input materials - from waste wood to plastics and household waste to electronic waste.

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