Industrial Shredder for Sale

GEP ECOTECH manufactures industrial shredders for recycling and waste disposal and sells them at very competitive prices. GEP ECOTECH has product lines for different materials, such as municipal solid waste, construction and demolition waste, non-ferrous metals, wood and OCC waste, etc.

Plastic Shredder for Sale Canada

Plastic recycling and proper disposal have become increasingly crucial in Canada due to environmental concerns and the need for sustainable waste management practices. With a growing emphasis on reducing plastic waste and promoting recycling initiatives, the country has witnessed advancements in its approach to plastic recycling and the equipment used in the process, including plastic shredders.Current State of Plastic Recycling in Canada:Canada has made significant strides in plastic recycling efforts, aiming to divert plastic waste from landfills and reduce environmental impact. Provincial governments have implemented various recycling programs and initiatives to encourage citizens and industries to recycle plastics. The country has a well-established network of recycling facilities and collection points, allowing for the sorting and processing of different types of plastic materials.Challenges and Opportunities:Despite progress, challenges persist in the plastic recycling landscape. Issues such as limited

Industrial Shredder for Sale in Sri LankaIndustrial Shredder for Sale in Sri Lanka

AIShred offers a wide range of industrial shredders for sale in Sri Lanka that are designed to shred various materials, from waste paper to wood, metal shavings, and even plastics. Our industrial shredders come equipped with conveyors, batchers, cyclones, vibrating screens, and other types of equipment, allowing for automated processes and increased efficiency. At AIShred, we understand that each business has unique shredding needs which is why our engineers will assist you in selecting the best shredding equipment and configuring it to meet your specific requirements. Our shredders can be adapted to specific tasks and technical parameters, allowing for maximum performance. One of the benefits of using our industrial shredders is the reduction of waste volume, allowing for more efficient storage and disposal. In addition, our shredders can protect confidential information and improve recycling efforts. Our shredders also feature automatic shut-off and safety guards to ensure the safety of operators during

Heavy Duty Single Shaft Shredder for SaleHeavy Duty Single Shaft Shredder for Sale

AIShred small single shaft shredders are designed for reducting all kinds of large-sized and thick-walled wastes of plastics, rubber, wood, box packaging, old furniture, old sawn trees, boards, bars, window and door frames, pallets, tree branches, stumps, as well as polymer ingots and sprues, film rolls, tires. The hydraulic pressing device crushes the material as efficiently as possible, the load on the rotor is controlled automatically, the operating mode depends on the material being processed and is set by the operator on the control panel. The rotor is equipped with a reverse motion system, which, when the load is exceeded, allows you to automatically turn on the reverse motion, avoiding damage to the knives and the engine. Sharply sharpened, tooth-shaped (curved) knives located on the rotor have 4 working surfaces. When one of the surfaces becomes dull, no resharpening of the knife is required, it is enough to turn it 90 degrees. Thus, the service life of the knives is increased by 4 times. This design

Wind Turbine Blade Shredder for SaleWind Turbine Blade Shredder for Sale

Wind power is a clean energy source and people love it (although the energy is very unstable, but people have come up with good solutions), but what to do with the scrapped wind turbine blades is a headache. It has been recognized that it is not a good way to send end-of-life wind blades to the landfill, because they take up a lot of space and their main component is fiberglass they are particularly difficult to decompose under natural conditions. Now, we can stop doing that. Using AIShred's industrial waste shredder, wind blades are shredded, which can be used as raw materials for recycled products, or added to cement clinker to increase cement strength. AIShred has different models and specifications of industrial shredders, and can design special blades according to your material characteristics and input and output requirements. We also provide conveying, sorting, packing and other equipment, which can help you build a high-efficiency industrial waste shredding/recycling production line. If you are also

AIShred Industrial Compost Shredder MachineAIShred Industrial Compost Shredder Machine

Composting factories use organic waste (brown organic waste and green organic waste as well as food waste, slaughterhouse waste, fish, etc.) to produce compost in large quantities. In a composting plant, a shredder is one of the most important equipment, it shreds agricultural and forestry waste and organic waste from kitchens, wet markets, slaughterhouses, etc. into small pieces, which increases their contact area with the air , so that biological fermentation can be carried out efficiently and production efficiency can be improved. AIShred offers industrial shredders and a selection of composters and related equipment, as well as a range of services adapted to your composting needs. AIShred equipment works in industrial and commercial fields and is not suitable for home use. Industrial Compost Shredder Machine In practice, large centralized composting plants typically use slow-speed shredders to process organic waste from the composting process. Its benefits are safe and stable, capable of handling

Industrial Shredder for Sale in MexicoIndustrial Shredder for Sale in Mexico

The industrial shredder for sale in Mexico can handle all solid materials, from industrial and commercial waste to agricultural and forestry waste, from domestic waste to construction and demolition waste. It is particularly pointed out that tequila is the national drink of Mexico, and the shredder provided by AIShred can process the tequila wine residue, and the processed residue can be used as fuel for power plants. AIShred's industrial shredders work in the waste management, recycling (including material and energy recovery) and destruction industries. The basic types of shredders we can offer include single-shaft, dual-shaft and quad-shaft shredders, which can work in primary, secondary or tertiary shredding stage. AIShred is a professional manufacturer of shredders and shredding systems, offering tailor-made solutions worldwide. AIShred is a professional manufacturer of shredders and shredding systems, offering tailor-made solutions worldwide. At present, customers from more than 30 countries such as

Industrial Shredder for Sale in United States and CanadaIndustrial Shredder for Sale in United States and Canada

It is undeniable that there are several good industrial shredder manufacturers in the United States and Canada. For some beginners, purchasing from the local area eliminates a series of procedures such as customs clearance, saving time and worry. However, many people still choose to buy from China. Chinese shredders have the same or even higher quality than American products, but the price (product and wearing parts) is much lower. AIShred has already exported its shredders to the United States, in addition, many customers in developed and developing countries have used its machine. if you need, we will be happy to send you some case references of our shredders. Our GD series twin-shaft shredders that outperform competitors in its quality and durability. We provide necessary documentations, witnessed test, spare parts, maintenance and after-sale services. Our single-shaft shredders are effective for processing recyclable waste. Particle size can be adjusted by switching screen to shred into wanted size. Our

Used Waste Shredder for Sale & PriceUsed Waste Shredder for Sale & Price

As an industrial shredder equipment manufacturer, AIShred offers used shredders as certified refurbished shredder, other discounted equipment includes exhibits, defective products, etc. AIShred is not a dedicated second-hand equipment seller. Most of our second-hand equipment comes from our customers. At the same time, we will optimize its performance to ensure that the second-hand equipment we sell is in the best condition. Frequently Asked QuestionsDoes used waste shredder have stock? The fact is that our second-hand equipment is very short, and the stock situation is changing at any time. It is recommended that you leave your contact information, and we will update the stock situation to you at any time. What is the price of your used waste shredder? This is another question that is often asked and cannot be answered accurately. The reason is that the working conditions of each used equipment are different, so each equipment has a different price. What is the price of your new waste shredder? Because

Industrial Shredder for Sale in SingaporeIndustrial Shredder for Sale in Singapore

In Singapore, it is the most convenient to buy heavy equipment from China, because China's heavy equipment is of good quality, has obvious price advantages, and the distance is short and the freight is low. Many developed countries have begun to purchase AIShred's industrial shredders from China. AIShred's shredders have been successfully operated in Singapore and neighboring countries of Singapore. Now I would like to briefly introduce to you.AIShred Small Twin-shaft Shredder for Drug Destruction in SingaporeAs we have covered in this website, item destruction is one of the important uses of AIShred shredders. A drug management center in Singapore uses AIShred's twin-shaft shredder to destroy expired drugs, and then sent to an incineration plant. The advantage of using a double-shaft shredder to destroy medicines is that it is safe and reliable, and it can handle medicines of various packaging types, glass bottles, and iron sheets. AIShred Large-scale Shredding System in Philippine Biomass Power PlantThe

Industrial Shredder Machine for Sale in Brazil

Brazil is the largest country in Latin America and one of the five BRICS countries, with a population of over 200 million, making it the ninth most populous country in the world. Brazil has rich resources and developed industries. In some big cities, such as Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, etc., with dense population, a large amount of domestic, industrial and construction waste is generated. As people pay more and more attention to environmental protection and reduce carbon emissions, these wastes will be disposed of scientifically. Shredders, crushers and pulverizers are important equipment for scientific processing of these solid wastes. They reduce the size of these wastes, which can facilitate subsequent sorting and recycling, and are ultimately used to manufacture recycled products and recover energy, a small amount of unusable substances will be landfill. For example, the disposal of municipal solid waste is a stubborn problem in many cities. In the MSW sorting center, the shredder shreds the

Waste Shredding Machine for Sale in EgyptWaste Shredding Machine for Sale in Egypt

In Egypt, if your company wants to purchase industrial shredders for waste management or recycling (material and energy recovery), it usually needs to be imported from abroad. There are many potential options, but finding the best fit can take a lot of work. Every engineer and sales representative of AIShred has rich industry experience, they understand the user's concerns very well, and are confident to provide the most suitable shredder for the Egyptian market. Waste shredders typically consist of single, dual, and quad-shaft equipment, with some variants based on this class. AIShred is able to design and manufacture all shredders, but also other equipment such as granulators, pulverizers, which are widly applied in waste management and recycling applications. AIShred knows that it is not easy to find a reliable supplier, and we cherish the trust of our users, we always do our best to help users achieve business success. Contact us now for exclusive plan quotes and additional discounts!

Waste Shredder Machine for Sale in IsraelWaste Shredder Machine for Sale in Israel

AIShred industrial waste shredders for sale in Israel can handle all solid wastes, from industrial and commercial waste to municipal waste, from scrapped car casings to waste wood, from garden waste to plastics and more. In Israel, selecte a waste shredder manufactured by AIShred is the wisest choice as AIShred equipment has the best price/performance ratio compared to the competition. Shredders are the core equipment in the waste management and recycling industry, because all applications need to reduce the material first, so as to facilitate subsequent processing. For example, wastes such as light slag and twisted rope produced by paper mills are a very scarce alternative fuel after being shredded into small sizes by shredders; in waste tire recycling plants, the core equipment also includes one or more shredders, which can shred the whole tire into small pieces, they can be directly used as tire-derived fuel, or continue to be processed to produce rubber granules or rubber powder.AIShred Waste Shredder

Dual-Shaft Shredder for Sale in AmericanDual-Shaft Shredder for Sale in American

Dual-shaft shredders for sale in American are high-tech machines manufactured by AIShred, a recognized global manufacturer of recycling equipment. AIShred puts special emphasis on the production of shredders, which have already become a legend among processors in USA and around the world. The dual-shaft shredder is a specialized industrial equipment for processing large waste and parts made of plastic and other materials. When you process thick-walled polymer waste, which in its original form crushers or single-shaft shredders are not able to grind to a fine fraction, thus GD dual-shaft shredder is used. Dual-shaft shredders are ideal for shredding plastic drums and canisters, automotive parts, office equipment and other types of bulky plastic waste. The output is a fairly large fraction, which allows you to dispose of large volumes of waste or prepare them for further processing.Dual-Shaft Shredder for Sale in AmericanYou can buy a two-shaft shredder at a competitive price in AIShred company. The price of a

Fiberglass Shredder Machine for SaleFiberglass Shredder Machine for Sale

Fiberglass is a composite material based on quartz sand. It is used for the manufacture of building materials, as well as various high-tech and durable lightweight structures. In real life, fiberglass means a glass fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP or GFRP). In modern life, glassfiber is widely used for packaging, covering, structure and other purposes. Accordingly, end-of-life fiberglass components must be disposed of correctly. At present, mechanical shredding are usually used, and the resulting shreded products can be used as fillers in tar, cement or other mixtures, or burned for energy. Fiberglass Shredder MachineGlassfiber is strong and has many kinds, you need a professional equipment to handle it. The low-speed, high-torque, heavy duty dual-shaft shearing shredder can shred glass fibers to a size of about 10cm (the specific size varies with the material), and the single-shaft shredder can shred the material to a smaller size. In early 2022, AIShred delivered a fully automatic Fiberglass two stage

Mattress Shredder for SaleMattress Shredder for Sale

Old mattresses is a type of bulky waste, discarding it creates pollution and waste. Large quantities of mattresses are a huge challenge for waste management companies because of their bulk, which means more shipping costs. The good news is that AIShred has launched a special plant for the processing of mattresses, sofas and other bulky wastes. It includes a centre shredder, chain conveyor, magnetic separator, and other necessary supporting equipment. Mattress shredder can shred large volume mattresses into small pieces, recycle metal, wood, textile, plastic, leather can be made into RDF. Mattress Shredder for SaleMattress Shredder can be a double-shaft shredder or four-shaft shredder, shredding material by shear, Its advantages are low speed, high torque, low noise and less dust generated during operation. The double-shaft shredder is a commonly used mattress shredder because of its simple structure, stable operation and easy maintenance.AIShred Bulky Shredder for SaleAIShred is a professional shredder

Pre-Shredder Machine for SalePre-Shredder Machine for Sale

Pre-shredders are heavy duty machines used in waste treatment centers. They are used to coarsely grind bulky waste to reduce its volume. This treatment may be mandatory before passing through finer shredders. The Pre-shredder is driven by hydraulics and has a strong torque, it can shred different materials. They can thus be used for the treatment of municipal solid waste, industrial and commercial waste, wood or even metal. How to choose a pre-shredder?Certain criteria must be considered before embarking on the acquisition of a pre-shredder. It is therefore necessary to assess the type of material that the machine will be required to shred. This will determine the shredding technology towards which to move. It is also necessary to take into account the volume of products to be processed.

Waste Shredding Plant for Sale in OmanWaste Shredding Plant for Sale in Oman

Waste shredding plant for sale in Oman can be customized according to the needs of customers and can be used in higher volume projects with higher capacity models. Shredder plant is a cost-effective investment tool and can be developed later by adding and removing equipment. Waste shredding plant for sale is offered for sale in AIShred with its fixed and mobile options as well as compact option that is the perfect combination of the two. Stationary waste shredding plants are ideal for large industrial projects. Mobile and compact waste shredding plants provide significant advantages by avoiding waste of time and money in the case of use in several projects.AIShred Waste shredding plant for SaleWaste shredding plants for sale is a machine preferred for being versatile, low investment cost and lowering operating costs by companies operating in the waste management industry or who want to meet their needs for their processing projects. AIShred, one of the leading waste shreddder manufacturers both in China and

Small Waste Shredding Machine for SaleSmall Waste Shredding Machine for Sale

AIShred has vast experience in designing and manufacturing of industrial shredders for the processing of solid waste both for waste management companies and companies that generate waste. AIShred has production of industrial shredders more than 10 years, which allows it to assert that choosing them as your supplier of this equipment, you choose reliability and quality. The proposed GD3 shredder model is optimally suited for companies that have small generation of waste and other waste requiring further shredding, as well as for enterprises engaged in the processing of waste with small amounts of processing. The shredder is compact and easy to transport if necessary. Also, this industrial shredder can be equipped with a conveyor, magnetic and other cleaning separators. Shredders are designed and manufactured by AIShred and if you wish, you can always come to our production and see one of the shredder models in assembly and in operation. In the production of shredders, we use high-quality components and

Universal Twin-shaft Shredder for Sale in UzbekistanUniversal Twin-shaft Shredder for Sale in Uzbekistan

In the past 10 years, Uzbekistan's economy has developed rapidly, industry and agriculture have developed rapidly, people's living standards have generally improved, and many industrial and domestic wastes have been generated, especially in Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, Namangan, etc. big city and its surroundings. Lessons from developed countries have taught people the importance of protecting the environment, and now people in Uzbekistan are looking for effective ways to dispose of the waste. AIShred provides efficient waste handling and recycling equipment in the Uzbekistan market, our universal twin-shaft shredder is the most widely used equipment. The shredder from AIShred is a slow twin-shaft shredder for all types of waste such as bulky items, industrial waste, special waste, synthetic materials or even metal drums with a content of up to 200 liters or more old wood or railway sleepers. AIShred's stationary shredders are particularly suitable for waste incineration facilities which often receive waste

Waste Management Shredder for sale VietnamWaste Management Shredder for sale Vietnam

Industrial shredders for all materials for sale in Vietnam are automated or semi-automated machines that process waste and materials before disposal or recycling. It used in several sectors, like landfills, cement plant, waste-to-enery plant, MSW sorting plant, paper mills and so on. AIShred industrial shredder, efficiently processes cardboard boxes, plastic packaging, wooden crates, glass, metal cans and mixed waste and reduces the volume of waste by up to 90%! AIShred shredders are strong, sturdy and resilient, but it is also very safe, easy to handle and clean! It is equipped with a gear motor, mobile knives in treated steel and a removable rack for optimal waste compaction and long machine life. Many adaptations are available. AIShred industrial shredder that can process a wide variety of materials commonly found in Vietnam including cardboard, paper, crates, boxes, aluminum cans, PET/HDPE, tin cans, polystyrene, glass and building materials. Our experts can help you choose the best industrial shredder

Single-shaft Shredder for Sale UK

Single-shaft shredders for Sale in UK are designed for shredding of plastics of any thickness and density. The main working element of a single-shaft shredder is a shaft, on which knives and a press plate are installed, pressing the processed polymer to the shaft. Both important parts are driven by motors, with a reverse function, it helps to roll the press or rotate the shaft in the opposite direction, which will allow you to remove the stuck parts of the plastic. Additional parts of a single-shaft shredder that contribute to grinding are stationary knives installed inside the body. They are placed so that there is a small gap between them and the main cutters. Equipped with a single-shaft shredder, it is easy to crush hard plastics into small pieces. Getting into the receiving hopper of a single-shaft shredder, the material is pressed against the shaft by a press plate. The knives installed on it bite into the raw material and break off the crushed material. The performance of a particular single-shaft

Rotary Shear Shredder for SaleRotary Shear Shredder for Sale

Shear shredding is a treatment applied to solid waste, which is generally relatively friable. It does not require any particular preparation of the waste (apart from a certain homogeneity of size). Rotary shear shredders are composed of shafts fitted with discshaped knives with one or more teeth. They are used in particular for crushing elastic, fibrous, soft or sticky products: wood, plastics, fiberglass, paper, tyres, etc. After this shredding, the products are sent to a finer shredder(If needed). Dual shaft shredder is the most common rotary shear shredder, it can handle almost all kinds of solid wastes such municipal solid waste, industrial waste, agricultural and forestry waste, waste tires, electronic waste, metal and so on. AIShred offers rotary shear shredders from small to large applications, and can be customized according to your needs, you are welcome to inquire at any time. AIShred produces technological complexes for the processing and recycling of solid waste. We produce high-quality and

Waste Shredder Machine for Sale PhilippinesWaste Shredder Machine for Sale Philippines

Two-shaft shredder GD6 for Sale in Philippines is designed for coarse primary shredding of large-sized, voluminous, thick-walled and hard-to-grind wood waste, various plastics, rubber, polymer fabrics, and other solid waste. In a twin-shaft shredder, waste is shredded by several dozen specially shaped "hook-shaped" cutting knives located on two parallel shafts rotating in opposite directions at low speed. The material of rotary knives is high-quality tool alloy steel 42CrMo with high hardness, strength, and wear resistance. The GD6 double-rotor shredder is controlled automatically by the Siemens controller, with the functions of start, stop, reverse and reverse. When one of the rotors stops during operation, the reverse is automatically turned on for a period of time programmed by the operator, and then forward rotation is turned on again. Each shredder rotor is equipped with a powerful gearbox with high overload capability. It also has overcurrent protection. The GD6 shredder features low operating noise,

Industrial Crushers and Shredders for Biomass ProductionIndustrial Crushers and Shredders for Biomass Production

Every year, hundreds of billions of tons of organic biomass are formed on Earth - the waste products of living organisms. Biomass produces 10 times more energy than all the inhabitants of the Earth need today. Biomass ranks 5th in the list of renewable energy sources - after solar, wind, water and geothermal energy. Biomass sources are:fallen leaves and peat;wood and wood waste;human waste;industrial activity waste;special plants and cropsBiomass Processing MethodsThe conversion of biomass into fuel or thermal energy is carried out in five main ways:Incineration is the easiest and most popular way to obtain cheap energy from dry organic waste. During the incineration of waste, steam is generated in the boiler, the steam rotates the turbine, and that, in turn, moves the rotor of the generator that produces electricity. This method has a minus - the boiler becomes clogged with ash and soot, and production costs increase. Therefore, not all types of organic waste are used in direct combustion.Gasification is