Wood Shredder Machine

Wood Shredder Machine is able to shred waste wood into small pieces for wood recycling, mulch, boiler fuel etc. AIShred offers different types shredders for waste wood processing, contact us for catalog and references.


Heavy Duty Wood Shredder for Wooden Railroad Sleepers

Original wooden railroad ties are being replaced by concrete for longer life and less maintenance. Are there any other uses for the replaced wooden sleepers that have reached the end of their life? Of Course Yes! Using AIShred shredder machines, these sleepers can be turned into compost raw materials, garden mulch, boiler fuel, etc.AIShred Wooden Products Shredding SolutionRegardless of whether the raw material is railway sleepers, wooden pallets, logs or other waste wood, whether there are…


AIShred Pre-Shredder for Large-Volume and Bulky Pieces of Waste Wood Processing

GEP ECOTECH has developed the AIShred Pre Shredder for the pre-shredding of such large-volume and bulky wooden components. This can be combined with its single-shaft shredder and can thus increase throughput by up to 50 percent.With its powerful and large single-shaft shredders, AIShred offers efficient solutions for reliably processing large-volume wooden components such as pallets in continuous operation. However, it was absolutely necessary to select a larger machine for large and bulky…


Pallet Shredder Machine for Sale

Pallets are widely used in wholesale and retail trade, as well as in the transportation and storage of goods.You can’t do without them in warehouses, on racks, as they help organize space and move several goods from place to place at once.Most pallets are made of wood, connected using iron nails, and some are made of plastic or other synthetic materials. The scrapped pallets can be used for many purposes after being shredded by a shredder, such as MDF, fuel, etc.The GDI series two-shaft…


Industrial Crushers and Shredders for Biomass Production

Every year, hundreds of billions of tons of organic biomass are formed on Earth - the waste products of living organisms. Biomass produces 10 times more energy than all the inhabitants of the Earth need today. Biomass ranks 5th in the list of renewable energy sources - after solar, wind, water and geothermal energy. Biomass sources are:fallen leaves and peat;wood and wood waste;human waste;industrial activity waste;special plants and cropsBiomass Processing MethodsThe conversion of biomass into…


Industrial Particle Board, MDF and Plywood Shredder Machine

Particle Board, MDF(Medium Density Fiberboard) and Plywood are widely used in the retail sector, such as in shop fittings and furniture.Their widespread use as an alternative to solid wood reduces the deforestation. Although they have many differences, but the main ingredient of them are wood fiber.A large amount of particle board, MDF and plywood wastes are generated every year in the world, and the treatment of these wastes can turn them into materials for making recycled boards, or for…


Industrial Wood Pallet Shredder

For pellet production in the part of world, the issue of lack of raw materials is increasingly becoming serious. At the same time, there is the problem of recycling by shredders and the use of wood waste that accumulates in landfills. Moreover, the largest share falls on containers and packaging:pallets wooden, including broken onesboxes made of boards and plywooddemolished formwork, scaffoldingused elements furniture, furniture production wasteShredding with twin-shaft shredders leads to an…