Double-Rotor Shredder

Concise Overview

GEP ECOTECH's Double Rotor Shredders are innovative fine-shredding products. They feature enlarged feeding hoppers and shredding chambers, delivering increased cutting power and higher throughput capacity. These shredders excel in handling large, densely compacted materials. Count on GEP ECOTECH for efficient and dependable material reduction solutions.

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Product Insights

Double-rotor shredders are revolutionary fine shredding equipment designed for high throughput and consistent output. They feature two independent drive and shredding units, providing a continuous source of power for reduction tasks. Easily removable screens can be quickly changed to meet different production requirements, while the one-button hydraulic door opening makes maintenance and servicing unprecedentedly convenient. Its compact design allows it to operate in confined spaces with ease.

Double-Rotor Shredders strike an ideal balance between energy consumption and production capacity, making them suitable for high-throughput tasks involving materials and energy recovery applications. Similar to single-shaft shredders, we recommend the use of screens and electromagnetic separation equipment to remove impurities before processing, which helps extend the life of the blades.

Material Mastery

  • Hard Plastic Hard Plastic

    Hard Plastic

  • PVC Plastic PVC Plastic

    PVC Plastic

  • Chemical Cotton Chemical Cotton

    Chemical Cotton

  • Automotive Interior Automotive Interior

    Automotive Interior

  • Municipal Solid Waste Municipal Solid Waste

    Municipal Solid Waste

  • Plastic Film Plastic Film

    Plastic Film

  • Plastic Mat Plastic Mat

    Plastic Mat

  • Waste Plastic Waste Plastic

    Waste Plastic

  • Plastic Fiber Plastic Fiber

    Plastic Fiber

  • Textile Waste Textile Waste

    Textile Waste

  • Scrap Leather Scrap Leather

    Scrap Leather

  • OCC Waste OCC Waste

    OCC Waste

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