Double Rotor Fine Shredder

​The Double Rotor Fine Shredder, developed by AIShred from a single shaft fine shredder, uses 2 independently driven rotors rotating in opposite directions to shred the material, and exists to handle the more complex and demanding tasks of solid waste shredding, and can handle a variety of large solid materials such as rolls of plastic, bales of waste paper, piles of fabric, etc.

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The double rotor fine shredder can shred materials to smaller sizes more efficiently and quickly with a uniform discharge and controlled size, making it ideal for processing a wide range of flexible and low to medium hardness materials, especially for shredding plastics, leather fabrics, metal packaging, electronic waste, waste paper, wood scrap etc. It can also be used for material recycling, alternative fuel production and other fine shredding applications.

Double Rotor Fine ShredderDouble Rotor Fine Shredder

AIShred's double rotor fine shredder is a revolutionary fine shredder with a larger effective working area compared to single shaft fine shredders, providing better direct shredding of bulky materials; its integrated screen and access door greatly reduces maintenance time and improves production continuity.

The compact design of the Double Rotor Fine Shredder ensures that even with the increased shredding chamber there is no significant increase in footprint, which is extremely important for recycling and waste disposal projects where footprint requirements are stringent.


Municipal Solid Waste Municipal Solid Waste
Industrial Waste Industrial Waste
Waste Cable Waste Cable
Waste Rubber Waste Rubber
Waste Plastic Waste Plastic
Waste Paper & Cardboard Waste Paper & Cardboard
Waste Textiles Waste Textiles
Leather Scraps Leather Scraps
Waste Sponge Waste Sponge
Production Waste Production Waste
Electronic Waste Electronic Waste
Foam & Insulation Board Foam & Insulation Board

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