Pre Shredder

Pre Shredder

A pre-shredder is a pre-processing machine for large waste disposal or recycling projects that uses tearing to reduce the size of the material. The pre-shredder pre-treats piles of bales or piles of waste, helping to break up the material, homogenise the feed, reduce the losses and stress on subsequent shredding equipment and balance the electrical load on the production line.

Customized equipment, parameters are for reference only.

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Pre-shredders are suitable for processing large volumes of unsorted raw material, including municipal solid waste (MSW), landfill waste, mixed waste, demolition waste, logs, compacted scrap metal packages, car shells, etc. and are the first step in a multi-stage solid waste treatment system.

Pre ShredderPre Shredder

AIShred's pre-shredders ensure optimum pre-processing of materials and increase the reliability of continuous operation of large waste disposal and recycling centers. The special cutters design, imported alloy steel and surface hardening treatment are strong and durable, and can be repaired after wear and tear by multiple patch welding, reducing maintenance costs; using low speed and high torque hydraulic motor direct drive, high transmission efficiency, strong power output, stepless variable speed, strong material adaptability; automatic lubrication system can ensure sufficient oil in the bearings, reducing bearing wear and avoiding losses caused by improper manual operation.

AIShred can also provide mobile pre-shredding plant based on tracks or tires to improve the timeliness of disposal.


Municipal Solid Waste Municipal Solid Waste
Landfill Waste Landfill Waste
Scrap Metal Briquettes Scrap Metal Briquettes
Scrap Car Shell Scrap Car Shell
C&D Waste C&D Waste
Industrial Waste Industrial Waste

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