Flip Flow Screen

Concise Overview

GEP ECOTECH's Flip Flow Screens are the solution to screen blockage issues when dealing with challenging materials. They are particularly well-suited for processing damp, sticky, and fibrous substances. Our patented technology reduces wear on the polyurethane screens, minimizing maintenance and enhancing screening efficiency to the maximum extent. Discover GEP ECOTECH Screening Solutions for improved efficiency and energy savings.

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Product Insights

Flip Flow Screens are improved equipment based on traditional vibrating screens, designed primarily to address the issue of screen clogging when separating sticky, wet, and other challenging materials. They utilize elastic polyurethane material as the screens, where the vibrating sources drive the movements of the screens and simultaneously apply vibrations to the elastic screens. This rapid stretching and relaxing of the screens guide the materials to 'jump,' achieving effective material separation while keeping the screen apertures clear.

Flip-flow screens have unparalleled advantages compared to other screening devices, including high screening efficiency, compact structure, self-cleaning functions, low maintenance work, and adjustable vibration parameters. They are suitable for the screening of materials ranging from mining to recycling, composting to biomass, and even materials like boiler bottom ash and clay.

GEP ECOTECH's Flip Flow Screens are designed for fine-screening, offering unprecedented advantages for your application with their versatile configurations. Our equipment is reliable and powerful, excelling not only in screening efficiency but also in adapting to various materials and scenarios.

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