What Kind of Production Lines Is Wind Sifter Applicable to?

In the field of solid waste disposal, sorting equipment occupies a relatively important position. How to effectively separate impurities from materials, as well as the sorting effect and applicability of sorting equipment, will adopt modular layout design based on the situation of the materials.

In sorting equipment, the more common type of wind sifter is how it effectively separates impurities and what is its role in actual operation? So let's introduce the air separation machine equipment to everyone below.

Wind Sifter

① The suitable production line includes: MSW, aged waste, industrial waste, demolition waste sorting and other disposal production lines.

② Screening effect: mainly screens out light and heavy materials with different densities.

③ Working principle: According to the principles of aerodynamics, a controllable airflow is used as the sorting medium. Under the action of the airflow, substances are sorted according to density and particle size. The airflow can carry lighter materials (such as paper, plastic bags, films, etc.) up or horizontally to a farther distance, while heavy materials fall due to the inability of the upward airflow to support them, or are thrown to a closer distance horizontally due to inertia. Therefore, the wind sorting process is based on the settling law of materials in the air, in order to achieve the classification purpose.

④ Equipment advantages:

1) The host is controlled by a frequency converter, and the wind speed adjustment is flexible.

2) Adopting modular design for easy maintenance.

3) Less vulnerable parts and longer service life.

4) Satisfying materials with different attributes and having a wide range of applications.

In sorting equipment, wind sifters are mostly used for sorting light and heavy materials on production lines. In addition to relying on mechanical equipment, some production lines also require manual sorting to achieve higher material purity. AISHRED has reliable capabilities in the design and formulation of solid waste disposal production lines. You are welcome to contact us at any time.

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