Commercial & Industrial Waste Processing

Commercial & Industrial Waste Processing

  • Sorting and Recycling Valuable Materials from Mixed Waste
  • Separating Combustible Components to Produce Alternative Fuels(SRF)
  • Preprocessing(Shredding, Separation, Homogenization) for Cement Kiln Co-Processing
  • Sorting and Volume Reduction Before Landfilling
  • Separation and Homogenization Before Incineration
  • Pyrolysis and Gasification
  • Recycling Auto Shredder Residue(ASR)
  • Prohibited and Expired Items Destruction
  • Shredding, Destruction, and Recycling of Defective Products and Scraps
  • Pulp and Paper Mill Rejects(eg. Light Slag, Twisted Rope) Recycling

When it comes to the sustainable development of modern industries and businesses, waste management becomes particularly crucial. C&I waste refers to various solid waste generated from industrial and commercial activities, including by-products, substandard products, expired materials, or abandoned items. These wastes encompass a wide array of materials such as packaging materials, paper, plastics, metals, fiberglass, leather, fabrics, and more. Most industrial waste holds potential for recycling or energy conversion. Therefore, effective waste management schemes not only reduce resource wastage and improve resource utilization but also contribute to fostering sustainable development in both society and the environment.

GEP ECOTECH provides a diverse range of solutions to address various waste processing needs, including material recovery, alternative fuel production, landfill pre-treatment and cement kiln co-processing. With our expertise and professional capabilities, we strive to optimize waste management processes, aiming for enhanced effectiveness and reduced environmental impact.

Solid Waste Fuels(RDF/SRF)

One of the key approaches in recycling industrial and commercial waste is its conversion into solid waste fuels. These alternative fuels can be utilized for boiler fules or serve as alternative fuel and raw materials(AFR) for cement kilns. This efficient approach doesn't require large-scale processing facilities, a single production line can handle several hundred tons of waste daily.

The process for preparing Refuse-Derived Fuel(RDF) and Solid Recovered Fuel(SRF) from industrial and commercial waste is straightforward and efficient, involving shredding and separating metals and inert substances. The remaining combustible material can either be granulated or directly used as fuel. Due to the low moisture content in C&I waste, a drying step is generally unnecessary.

Sorting and Material Recovery

For materials recovery facilities(MRF) and manufacturing plants, a high level of material recovery rate translates to increased profits and reduced raw material wastage. By maximizing material recovery and reuse, it reduces the demand for natural resources and consequently leads to less waste generation, thereby enhancing the overall environment.

GEP ECOTECH's shredding, sorting, and conveying solutions are designed to meet the efficient waste recovery demands. Whether it's metals, plastics, waste paper, or other materials, we offer specifically tailored solutions to ensure optimal recovery based on specific requirements.

Destruction and Volume Reduction

Some defective or expired items need to be destroyed to prevent them from entering the market, while others need to be destroyed to protect sensitive information. Additionally, reducing the size of large waste items by shredding can lower transportation costs. Pre-shredding and compacting these items before landfill not only reduces landfill space requirements but also extends the lifespan of landfills.

GEP ECOTECH's industrial shredding systems efficiently handle various materials like scrap circuit boards, hard drives, and bulky furniture. Offering customization for diverse material and capacity needs, our systems ensure an efficient, secure waste handling process, advancing sustainable waste management solution.

Project Portfolio

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Cement kiln Co-processing of FRP Project
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Paper Mill Waste Alternative Fuel Project
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Waste Textile Solid Recovered Fuel Project

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