Drum Chipper

Concise Overview

GEP ECOTECH Drum Chippers are engineered for high-efficiency wood waste processing. These robust and energy-efficient machines, available in both stationary and mobile models, are the preferred choice across various industries, including pulp mills, biomass power plants, and wood processing facilities, ensuring top-tier wood processing solutions. Count on GEP ECOTECH for reliable, efficient, and precise wood processing solutions.

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Product Insights

Drum chippers utilize a powerful motor to drive the steel drum at high speed, efficiently cutting raw materials into thin slices. By adjusting the operational parameters of the drum chipper, users can flexibly meet the processing needs of different materials, adapting to diverse production scenarios. The drum chipper is suitable for processing various materials, including logs, bamboo, branches, woodworking scraps, medium to high-density fiberboard, pallets, and more.

However, drum chippers have a lower tolerance for hard materials such as metal and stone. We recommend separating these materials before processing to reduce equipment wear.

GEP ECOTECH's drum chippers feature a horizontal structure with chain plate conveyors, facilitating the feeding of heavy and long materials. Proven in practice, our drum chippers are the ideal choice for efficient wood processing, whether you need them for fuel, biomass briquettes, pulp material, compost additives, or raw materials for recycled wood. Our equipment is designed to perfectly meet your requirements. Additionally, we provide various supporting and optional equipment, including shredders, iron separators, various conveyors, and screening devices, to meet all the demands of comprehensive material processing.

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