Organic Waste Processing

Organic Waste Processing

  • Sorting, Shredding and Dehydration of Urban Wet Waste
  • Separating Contaminants from Mixed Biodegradable Waste
  • Slaughterhouses and Wet Markets Waste Disposal
  • Harmless Disposal of Sick and Dead Livestock
  • Shredding and Dewatering Organic Matter
  • Anaerobic Biogasing or Aerobic Composting
  • Destruction of expired food

Organic waste primarily originates from food wastage, kitchen scraps, and agricultural residue, encompassing biodegradable organic matter such as peels, vegetable remnants, food residue, and green waste. These waste materials are generated in large quantities in daily life, and improper disposal, particularly through landfilling, not only results in severe resource wastage but may also lead to land and water pollution, along with the release of substantial amounts of greenhouse gases, exacerbating climate change.

For the small quantities of pure organic waste produced at the household level, utilizing compost bins for fermentation stands out as an environmentally friendly and cost-effective recycling method. However, large-scale organic waste recycling faces various challenges. While multiple options like feed, composting, biogas, and biological cultivation exist, practical applications involve addressing complex issues such as salt control, efficiency management, and impurity separation.

GEP ECOTECH's organic solid waste solution offers a complete suite of technologies for handling organic waste, including shredding, dewatering, sorting, bioprocessing, and safe disposal. Our comprehensive technical solutions also encompass the management of gases and liquids generated during the process.

Organic Waste Recycling Plant


Shredding stands as a critical preliminary step in all operations, whether for composting or biogas preparation. This imperative process contributes to the creation of a uniform matrix, offering robust support for subsequent procedures and facilitating a swift and efficient fermentation process. In applications where organic waste is transformed into various products, a continuous stream of raw materials also necessitates shredding.

GEP ECOTECH's range of industrial shredders is meticulously optimized for organic waste treatment, ensuring stable operation in environments with high humidity and salinity. This guarantees the uninterrupted and efficient functioning of your production.

Organic Waste Shredding


Separating excess liquid is crucial, significantly reducing raw material weight, cutting transportation costs, and facilitating efficient, cost-effective composting or incineration processes. The pressing and dewatering technology is the preferred choice for many projects due to its high reliability and low operational costs. Its precise separation of liquids and reduction of humidity enhance waste processing efficiency, providing reliable support for economically effective waste management.

GEP ECOTECH screw press has been applied in numerous organic waste disposal projects, leaving users impressed with its high efficiency and low maintenance.

Organic Waste Dehydration


Dealing with mixed waste, such as kitchen refuse, the most crucial and challenging task is to separate organic and inorganic components for precise and efficient recycling. These materials are diverse, and some come with packaging, requiring the use of different equipment based on the actual situation. 

GEP ECOTECH is committed to enhancing the automation level of production lines. We deploy various bag-breaking and sorting equipment to achieve efficient separation of inorganic materials.

Organic Waste Separation

Project Portfolio

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Kitchen Waste Dewatering Project in Shanghai, China
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Wet Market Waste Recycling Project in Maldives

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