AIShred Technology and Innovation

GEP ECOTECH produces 80 different models of shredding & crushing machines and plants for any type of urban and industrial solid waste.

On the international scene, and specifically in the treatment of urban and industrial solid waste, GEP ECOTECH presents itself as a company capable of finding an effective solution to the requests of its customers. The experience in the sector and the technical preparation offered by the research and development team guarantee an always attentive and decisive response.

Many horizons have been explored and many achievements have been achieved, especially in the last three years, a time in which the company has implemented some ambitious and important projects such as those concerning the treatment of MSW (municipal solid waste).

Urban solid waste has proved to be a product that requires particular management for subsequent selection or preparation for combustion. GEP ECOTECH has designed a line capable of reducing the steps in the preparation of the material, guaranteeing a quality output with a primary shredder and a screen, avoiding secondary shredding due to high management costs and continuous maintenance given by the wear-and-tear characteristics of the product.

In addition to the treatment of urban waste, 2022 was a year of great achievements and confirmations also in the electrical and electronic waste sector: a important China companies have chosen GEP ECOTECH technology and experience applied to the treatment of refrigerators for the construction of their plants.

In parallel with the design of complete lines, the company also focuses on the construction of single machines.

The range of products is always evolving and for some years GEP ECOTECH has added the hammer mill to its technologies, successfully inserting it within the WEEE (R4) treatment plants, electric motors and ferrous and non-ferrous metals, this machine will be presented at the Environmental Expo fair in this year's edition.

Always active research and development and new projects in the definition phase, team prepared and attentive to market demands and unmissable appointments in China and in the world, this and much more on the horizon of a young and dynamic company always ready for new challenges .

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