AIShred RDF System "Eats" 20 tons of C&I Waste per hour, Spit Out Alternative Fuel

"Eat" into waste, "vomit" out of fuel, and become a "artifact" that turns waste into treasure in Zhengzhou, Henan. The Industrial Solid Waste Disposal System produced by GEP ECOTECH can "eat" 20 tons of C&I waste in one hour and produce preparations Popular alternative fuel RDF/SRF. So what craftsmanship does GEP ECOTECH make "people suspected" and make the waste into the "fragrant" of the fuel industry?

RDF System

Waste is an abandoned item that loses its value and cannot be used. It is the ultimate part of the material cycle. The widely used waste treatment methods today are sanitary landfills, high temperature compost and incineration. However, most of the industrial waste incineration contains considerable heat values, and directly landfills or incineration undoubtedly causes waste of resources. Now, this industrial solid waste disposal system located in Zhengzhou, Henan can effectively use general industrial solid waste such as leather edge, cloth edge corner, waste paper residue, waste fabric, waste plastic, etc., and prepared into an RDF fuel rod, thereby achieving waste resource resource transformation resources.

In fact, the replacement fuel process of industrial waste preparation is not complicated. It only needs to be simply shreding, sorting and molding, etc. The alternative fuels produced can supply high energy industries such as cement, steel, and power generation.

Step 1: Shredding System

The main equipment for the solid waste disposal system comprises a first-class double-shaft shredder and secondary fine shredding machine. Material is transported via a conveyor to the double-shaft shredder for rough crushing to reduce the material volume. The metal separated by the magnetic selection machine is reused by smelting it on a furnace to become a recycled resource, while the remaining material is resized using the secondary fine shredding machine. This process fulfills a production capacity of 5-30T/h.

Step 2: Sorting System

In general, industrial waste materials are complex and diverse, with high contents of miscellaneous items. Therefore, it is necessary to sort them using equipment to separate useful and recyclable substances. Broken materials are fed into a drum screen for screening. After the screening process, wind selection machines are used to extract available metal, heavy, and light substances for further use.

A drum screen, also referred to as a roll sieve, is commonly used in solid waste sorting lines. This equipment consists of a motor, reducer, drum device, etc. Its characteristics include a large cavity, high screening efficiency, and wide material adaptability. It can be customized to meet customer needs in terms of screening diameter and support for dust removal devices, making it environmentally friendly and long-lasting.

Drum Screen

A wind sifter, also known as a light material separation machine, consists of motors, fans, rollers, conveyors, and wind selection rooms. This device utilizes the properties of air dynamics and the density of materials to separate crushed waste materials. It effectively separates light substances such as fabrics, leather, plastic, and waste paper from inert materials such as masonry, soil, and metal waste. This makes it one of the most commonly used equipment in waste management.

Wind Sifter

Step 3: Block Molding System

The block molding machine is used to process pre-shredded solid waste. The material is evenly delivered to the block molding machine through transportation equipment, and the material is evenly dispersed in the machine’s work area. After being compressed, dense and molded, the waste is converted into small stick-shaped solid block fuel. These blocks can be sold to cement plants, thermal power plants, and coal-fired plants for further use.

Block Molding Machine

Finished product shows below:


This industrial solid waste disposal system has provided many customers with a high-quality waste management experience by realizing the reduction, harmlessness, and resource recovery of solid waste. However, the plan is not fixed, and an exclusive “best lineup” is required to meet your specific needs. If you have any requests or requirements for your project, please contact GEP ECOTECH, and we will tailor a plan that is optimized for your specific situation.

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