Introduction to AISHRED Proposals for Industrial Waste Recycling System

Aiming at the treatment characteristics of various industrial waste, leftovers, by-products and other solid waste, AISHRED has developed this industrial waste recycling system, which is centered on an intelligent operation management system and can meet the processing needs of various treatment projects through different equipment combinations. Not only is the overall technology advanced, but customized solutions also make the actual processing efficiency higher.

This system is led by a double shaft industrial waste shredder dedicated to industrial waste treatment, which achieves the regeneration and utilization of useful resources in industrial waste through shredding, sorting, reprocessing, and other methods. For example, high calorific value materials are processed into fuels such as RDF or SRF, while low calorific value materials are processed into corresponding resource products based on their characteristics.

GEP ECOTECH Industrial Waste Recycling System

The production line can shred various types of industrial waste such as metal, plastic, wood, rubber, fabric, etc. According to different recycling purposes, the shredding equipment, multi-level sorting equipment, dust removal equipment, etc. configured in the system can be flexibly adjusted to ensure the cleanliness and safety of the entire industrial waste treatment process.

The equipped GI intelligent operation management system can monitor the operation of the production line in real-time and summarize and analyze business data. On the one hand, it can ensure highly automated operation of the production line, reduce additional costs, and on the other hand, it can help enterprises implement digital management and achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase.

Proposal 1

In response to the situation where the composition of general industrial solid waste materials is relatively single, this plan undergoes two-stage shredding with a double shaft shredder and a fine shredder, as well as sorting treatment with a magnetic separator. The combustible materials are sent to the RDF forming machine by a bi-directional belt to be made into fuel rods and sold directly to thermal power plants for fuel. It can also be directly transported to a hydraulic baler for compression and packaging before being transported for sale, which not only disposes of waste but also earns profits.

Simple Industrial Waste Recycling System

The advantages of the proposal are: the entire process is simple, the shredding and sorting effect is good, and all materials are fully utilized; High degree of automation in the production line, safe, environmentally friendly, worry free, and labor-saving operation; All equipment is independently developed by AISHRED, with guaranteed quality, performance, and efficiency.

Proposal 2

In response to the complex composition of general industrial solid waste materials, this plan takes an intelligent operation and management system as the core. Through the shredding and sorting process of GDI double shaft industrial waste shredder, third-generation European version fine shredder, magnetic separator, wind sifter, eddy current separator and other equipment, as well as the uniform feeding machine and RDF forming machine, the high calorific value materials in industrial waste are transformed into RDF fuel, and various metals can be separated and purified before further utilization.

Complex Industrial Waste Recycling System

The advantages of the proposal include: the entire line adopts a modular combination from shredding, conveying, sorting, and RDF forming, resulting in a more compact and reasonable layout; Automated operation, significantly reducing manual operations, significantly improving production efficiency, and lower operating costs; RDF fuel rods have stable properties and morphology, high density, high calorific value, and high quality, with a stable market and demand space.

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