Convert Textile Waste to SRF with AIShred Industrial Waste System

With the development of the economy, the number of waste textiles eliminated by residents has gradually increased, sporadic treatment cannot meet the production requirements, and a sustainable industrial waste system is urgently needed to help us explore together.

Textile Waste Shredding System

Today, let's talk about the energy recovery of waste textiles. Because of the addition of comprehensive materials, the thermal value of the waste textiles is very good and the combustion is good. Therefore, it has great potential for incineration power generation and cement kiln. As the energy recovery of waste textiles, we must use industrial waste shredding to deal with the production line. Only through the disposal of this production line can we meet the energy recovery of waste textiles.

GEP ECOTECH Industrial Waste System

So what is this industrial waste system?

First of all, the core equipment of this system is shredding+sorting, and the connection system is conveying. The purpose of broken is to fully shatter, shear and crushed materials. First, ensure that the material can be burned more fully without scorching; secondly, the shred materials are easily classified, and the mixed non -combustible substances are mixed in the transportation process. The materials that are not conducive to incineration are classified. Waste textiles are a material that tests the shredder in solid waste. So a lot of comparisons will be made when choosing a shredder. In addition, the sorting of industrial waste system includes manual sorting and mechanical sorting. These two sorting methods can be independent and cooperate with each other. How to match in the end should be discussed according to the specific materials of the specific project.

There are many options to deal with industrial waste that turn them into alternative fuel. You must understand the details of the process, investigate on the spot, and choose the equipment carefully.

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