AIShred Destroys Substandard Child seats

Sep 5, 2022 60 Jimmy

The child safety seat is a kind of seat that is tied to the car seat and has binding equipment for children to ride on and can bind children to ensure their safety in the event of an accident. In many developed countries, it is mandatory to equip children with safety seats. At present, with the improvement of people's safety awareness, more and more parents have also equipped their children with car safety seats.

There are two main sources of scrapped child safety seats: one is the scrapped products that have reached the service life, and the other is the unqualified products produced in the factory. How to deal with and recycle these scrapped children safety seats? Let's take the solution AIShred recently provided to a British customer as an example to study it.

The main materials of the child safety seat include hardware and software. The hardware includes plastics (PP, ABS, PC, HDPE, etc.) and steel, which are mainly used to construct the skeleton. The soft parts include sponges, fabrics, etc., which are mainly used to slow down collision and absorb energy. All materials of child safety seats can be recycled. The main recycling scheme is to fully crush the child safety seats, and then sort them according to different materials before recycling.

AIShred has provided several recycling schemes for this customer, among which the representative scheme is double shaft shear shredder + magnetic separation + air separation. In order to verify its reliability, the customer specially sent a set of brand-new safety seats to test the crushing effect of our equipment.

AIShred Industrial ShreddersAIShred Industrial Shredders

The above photo shows the effect of crushing the child safety seat by using the equipment used in the factory for testing. The overall effect is good, and the customer is also quite satisfied with the treatment effect. At present, we are communicating with the customer about relevant details.

Shreded Child seatsShreded Child seats

The crushing, disposal and recycling of factory garbage is an important and very good work area of AIShred. We can provide a variety of head materials, waste materials, scrap and unqualified products destruction and recycling sorting equipment, which can be used for material or energy recovery. You are welcome to contact us to consult about relevant matters. We are also ready to answer your questions at any time and provide customized solutions for you.

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