Plastic Production Waste Recycling with GEP ECOTECH Shredders

When dealing with production waste, plastic manufacturers traditionally face three choices: dispose of it, sell it, or reuse it. Regardless of the option chosen, some form of reprocessing is usually required. Embracing the circular economy, many processors are now adopting in-house scrap reclaim/reprocessing operations to extract the full potential from their production scrap.

Why Choose In-House Scrap Reclaim?

  • Reduce Reliance on Virgin Plastics: Reclaiming your production waste allows you to decrease dependence on costly virgin plastics.
  • Quality Control: Take charge of your product quality, ensuring it meets your exacting standards instead of relying on a toll processor or purchasing reprocessed material in the open market.
  • Cost Efficiency: Cut down on storage, transportation, and disposal costs while generating additional revenue by processing scrap from other plastics producers.

Shredding: A Vital First Step

Size reduction via shredding is a fundamental initial phase in most reprocessing programs. By reducing the size of the material, shredding minimizes storage space requirements and lowers transport and disposal costs.

Plastic Production Waste Shredder

Shredded material has improved homogeneity, making it more appealing for resale and better suited for reintroducing into production processes. GEP ECOTECH's shredders - like the GD series - are designed for versatility. GEP ECOTECH offers vertical and horizontal feed options to cater to a diverse range of plastics, including polypropylene, polyethylene, high- or low-density film, fiber, and more.

Tailored Turnkey Solutions

Recognizing the uniqueness of each processor, GEP ECOTECH's knowledgeable team of engineers, sales professionals, and project managers consider material types, space constraints, quality standards, operational goals, and budget when developing or enhancing your scrap recovery initiatives. The result is a truly turnkey solution, tailored to meet our customers’ objectives, that seamlessly integrates into their existing operations.

Contact us today to explore how GEP ECOTECH can help you develop or optimize a production scrap recovery program, or tailor cutting-edge solutions to meet your organization's goals.

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