AIShred Industrial Compost Shredder Machine

Composting factories use organic waste (brown organic waste and green organic waste as well as food waste, slaughterhouse waste, fish, etc.) to produce compost in large quantities. In a composting plant, a shredder is one of the most important equipment, it shreds agricultural and forestry waste and organic waste from kitchens, wet markets, slaughterhouses, etc. into small pieces, which increases their contact area with the air , so that biological fermentation can be carried out efficiently and production efficiency can be improved.


GEP ECOTECH offers industrial shredders and a selection of composters and related equipment, as well as a range of services adapted to your composting needs. GEP ECOTECH equipment works in industrial and commercial fields and is not suitable for home use.

Industrial Compost Shredder Machine

In practice, large centralized composting plants typically use slow-speed shredders to process organic waste from the composting process. Its benefits are safe and stable, capable of handling everything from brown organic materials to green organic materials, with automatic protection.

The video above shows GEP ECOTECH's twin-shaft shredder being tested in the workshop, processing bales of corn stalks.

GEP ECOTECH's industrial shredders are capable of handling all solid waste and are essential equipment for the energy or material recovery industry. If you don't know how and why to choose the right shredder for your composting project, we can help you figure it out.

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