Double-Shaft Shredder went to Korea to Solve its Industrial Waste Disposal Challenges

Stranded rope is a common waste refuse in paper mills during the production of recycled paper. This type of waste is mainly composed of plastic, steel wire, pulp and other components, and generally has many impurities and high water content. Stranded rope intertwined, mixed, forming a large volume, difficult to stack and transport.

We are with the Korean Group for the industrial waste disposal project in Busan Industrial Park, South Korea; mainly for industrial waste disposal, shredding and sorting as fuel.The customer has also used many other manufacturers' equipment and praised our equipment as the "Mercedes-Benz" of shredders.We use a Double-shaft shear shredder with a 'double motors + double planetary reducers'.The advantages of this machine include high torque, high shearing force, low noise level and low dust generation during the working process.

Double-Shaft Shredder

Our cutters are made of NiCrMo, imported from Europe, with high hardness and toughness. The unique anti-winding design of the fixed-cutter is a unique advantage when dealing with this flexible material.

Double-Shaft Shredder

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