AIShred Fine Shredder in Recycling of Waste Agricultural Film

Agricultural film, also known as thin film plastic, including plastic film, is mainly used to cover farmland, improving soil temperature, maintaining soil moisture, promoting seed germination and rapid seedling growth, and inhibiting weed growth. The main component of agricultural film is non degradable polyethylene, so waste agricultural film can cause certain pollution to soil and water sources, and its recycling is very necessary.

Waste Agricultural Film

The methods for recycling waste agricultural film include:

  1. Compression landfill: Waste agricultural film is compressed and sent to a landfill site, which is commonly used but not advocated.
  2. Thermal energy utilization: During the incineration process of discarded agricultural film, a large amount of thermal energy is released for heating or power generation, which poses a certain environmental pollution risk.
  3. Artistic creation: Create artwork or daily necessities through creative design.
  4. Recycling: Agricultural film is processed into recycled plastic particles through drying, shredding, rinsing, drying, extrusion, and cutting. As it still maintains the chemical properties of plastic raw materials, it can meet the technical requirements of blowing film, wire drawing, pipe drawing, injection molding, extrusion profiles, etc., and is used to produce PE pipes, plastic containers, drip irrigation belts, etc; It can also directly shred the agricultural film, mix a certain proportion of slag, and process and produce recycled products such as sewage well ring, well cover, urban greening tree grate, etc; The agricultural film after drying and rinsing can also be processed through high-temperature catalytic cracking and other technologies to obtain usable fuels such as gasoline and diesel.

The length and width of agricultural film are usually large, so it is wise to use a shredder to reduce its size first for better recycling. The first agricultural film shredder is a double shaft shredder, which uses the teeth of the movable cutters to shear the agricultural film and tear it down. The blades of the rotor cut the agricultural film like scissors, thereby achieving the effect of reducing size. When addressing the issue of easy entanglement of agricultural film, the fixed blades adopt unique anti entanglement technology to ensure stable operation and improved efficiency of the shredder. Some customers may request smaller sizes of agricultural film, and our fine shredder can perfectly solve this problem. Agricultural film is cut into small volumes by circular motion blades on the main shaft and teeth-shaped fixed blades, and the discharge size is controlled by the built-in screen.

Single Shaft Fine Shredder

Whether waste is grass or treasure depends on whether you can handle it properly. Just find AISHRED for waste disposal, turning waste into treasure more reliable! If you have business in the recycling and treatment of agricultural and plastic films, please feel free to contact us for making proposals and purchasing equipment.

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