AIShred in Recycling of Plastic Chemical Drums

The storage of chemical solvents is generally done in special plastic drums, also called chemical drums, the more common ones on the market are the big blue drums. Plastic drums are stable in nature and do not affect the stability of the stored solvents, they also have a good isolation effect on all types of corrosion and toxicity, and are therefore widely used in the chemical industry. The iconic big blue drums in particular, with their better shading properties, are used particularly often. This has also resulted in what we are used to calling the big blue barrel crushing process when dealing with used chemical barrels.

Plastic Chemical Drums

The big blue drums can be divided into hazardous solid waste and ordinary plastic drums according to their use. In addition to the big blue drums used to store hazardous chemical solvents, other storage of harmless items are harmless ordinary plastic drums, and their recycling treatment is naturally different. When crushed, ordinary plastic drums only need to be shredded by shredders, and then become plastic raw materials, and then according to the needs of the use of additional screening equipment, cleaning and debridement equipment, drying equipment, baling equipment, can be sold as plastic pellets, and ordinary plastic bottles and other processing technology is the same.

The large blue drums used for storing hazardous chemical solvents are shredded by the shredder and basically need to have repeated cleaning sessions to remove any residual hazardous materials from the large blue drums before they can finally be sold as plastic pellets. The wastewater from the cleaning process has to be specially treated. Therefore, when recycling the big blue barrels, attention should be paid to their classification, different uses of the big blue barrels using different treatment processes.
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