AIShred Shredder Machine in Recycling of Waste Oil Drums

Waste oil drums mainly refers to various IBC tank, gasoline containers, paint drums and other iron metal barrels. Waste oil drums are the most common liquid storage container. After the materials are used up, the waste oil drum contains various hazardous wastes. Do not dispose at will. Some enterprises or individuals dispose of abandoned oil barrels and IBC tanks at will after using up oil or sulfuric acid, this is illegal in most countries.

Waste Oil Drums Recycling Plant

Utilization value of waste oil drums

All waste oil drums are pressed and formed by high quality sheet metal, which has high recycling value. Scrap iron can be recycled and smelted twice for use by crushing and shredding.

Recycling of waste oil drums

Various oil drums are widely used around the world. Oil drums have the characteristics of simple manufacturing process, low cost, simple structure, and good sealing performance. By using paint coating and anticorrosive technology, they can be used as an irreplaceable container. However, the materials stored in the oil barrel are various oil, gasoline, diesel, and paint.

For example, oil, because of the problem of material residues and leaks, followed by problems such as environmental pollution, high cleaning costs, long -term responsibilities, workers' safety, environmental protection and other issues.

Oil bucket shredding & recycling process

Waste oil drum, feeder, metal shredder, magnetic selection machine, conveyor belt.

In order to reduce the pollution of waste oil barrels and provide a complete solution for recycling waste oil barrels, Aishred uses the "double shaft shredder>> metal crusher>> magnetic selection machine" to crush and recycle the materials. During the production process, smoke will be absorbed by a vacuum cleaner, with high production efficiency and small noise pollution.

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