Waste Shredder Machine

Waste Shredders are machines that reducing the size of waste materials, it is utilized in recycling and waste processing applications. The shredded waste can be further processed (if required) and eventually used in new products, fermentation, RDF fuel or directly to landfill.

AIShred Shredder Machine in Recycling of Waste Oil DrumsAIShred Shredder Machine in Recycling of Waste Oil Drums

Waste oil drums mainly refers to various IBC tank, gasoline containers, paint drums and other iron metal barrels. Waste oil drums are the most common liquid storage container. After the materials are used up, the waste oil drum contains various hazardous wastes. Do not dispose at will. Some enterprises or individuals dispose of abandoned oil barrels and IBC tanks at will after using up oil or sulfuric acid, this is illegal in most countries. Utilization value of waste oil drumsAll waste oil drums are pressed and formed by high quality sheet metal, which has high recycling value. Scrap iron can be recycled and smelted twice for use by crushing and shredding.Recycling of waste oil drumsVarious oil drums are widely used around the world. Oil drums have the characteristics of simple manufacturing process, low cost, simple structure, and good sealing performance. By using paint coating and anticorrosive technology, they can be used as an irreplaceable container. However, the materials stored in the oil barrel are

Industrial Solid Waste Volume Growth, AIShred Industrial Shredder to ManageIndustrial Solid Waste Volume Growth, AIShred Industrial Shredder to Manage

As the environmental protection field continues to deepen, industrial environmental protection ushers in a new round of peak period, industrial solid waste treatment gradually emerged, setting off a new round of governance boom. At this stage, the popular treatment method of general industrial solid waste is resource recycling. Compaction, crushing, sorting, curing, incineration, biological and other solutions are more commonly used and very reasonable. Minimizing the volume of waste means reducing the volume and quantity of solid waste through appropriate methods of treatment. A brief introduction to the disposal of trimmings and solid wastes generated in light industrial production projects, the main materials handled include: textile trimmings, leather waste, non-woven trimmings and other types of light materials. General industrial waste: waste textile, leather and trimmings, fiberglass, leather, wind power leaves, waste rock wool, rubber, plastic, packaging, industrial pallets, etc. Industrial hazardous

AIShred: Top 5 Industrial Shredder Machine Manufacturers in ChinaAIShred: Top 5 Industrial Shredder Machine Manufacturers in China

When it comes to building machines for waste disposal and recycling companies, landfill, waste to engery, biomass, RDF/TDF and biogas as well as composting plants have come to the right place at AIShred - top 5 industrial shredder machine manufacturers in China. With its powerful, versatile and extremely durable shredding machines, the company supports its customers reliably and individually. The performance spectrum of the AIShred includes 1, 2 and 4-shaft shredders, crushers, granulators, screening equipment and more in different sizes, performance levels and equipment. At first, AIShred mainly designed and manufactured 2-shaft shredders. Gradually, other machines were developed. The 4-shaft shredders were recently developed and included in the portfolio. "With these four machine types, we are able to reliably shred almost any desired material," reports Fuzhong Wang, owner of AIShred.New Tire Shredding Plant in MacaoFor example, a large plant for shredding old tires was put into operation last year. The

Oil Filter Shredder for SaleOil Filter Shredder for Sale

Automotive filters (cars and trucks) and industrial filters (bulldozers and dump trucks) are used to filter various oils. This type of filter consists of different materials: iron shell, bolt, cellulose filter, rubber gasket, mineral oil or synthetic oil. The treatment process mainly depends on the material constituting the filter and whether there is residual oil. The typical recovery method is to discharge the residual oil in the filter, break the filter and separate the metal sheet from the filter paper. Although the used oil filter is a waste, it is illegal to treat it without treatment qualification, but its recycling value is very high. After disassembling it, the waste oil, metal, and filter paper can be recycled, which can be sold and create considerable economic profits. The crushing and disassembling equipment of waste oil filter element and filter is relatively simple. The requirements can be completed by using a double shaft shear crusher + conveyor. Movable containers can be placed under the

AIShred Organic Shredder Turn Banana Tree Waste into ValuesAIShred Organic Shredder Turn Banana Tree Waste into Values

Bananas are one of the most popular fruits and are widely grown in the tropics, with a large number of banana plantations in China, Indonesia, Brazil, Ecuador, Philippines, Tanzania, Philippines, Costa Rica, Mexico, Vietnam, Thailand, etc. In order to ensure economic value, artificially planted banana trees cut down and replanted every year, which results in a large amount of biodegradable waste being generated. Research has begun on turning banana tree waste into secondary raw materials, such as extracting fiber from banana trees, adding it to feed, making compost, making biogas, or recovering energy. However, banana tree waste is bulky, and before all these operations, they must be reduced to a suitable size so that it can be easily used later. AIShred's organic waste shredder is a reliable machine for industrially shredding banana tree waste. AIShred recommends the low-speed shear shredder to process various organic wastes including banana trees because of its low energy consumption and long-term

Waste Textile Shredders for Sale to MalaysiaWaste Textile Shredders for Sale to Malaysia

There are many kinds of waste textiles, which are usually divided into: waste fiber, waste cotton shavings, waste cloth, waste fiber and other mixtures of cotton and cloth, waste man-made fiber, waste leather, leather shaving mixtures, etc. These materials have high recycling value. Recently, our company has successfully signed a contract with a customer of a garment factory in Malaysia on the disposal of waste textiles. The main equipment includes GD6 double shaft shear shredder, GSS20 single shaft fine shredder, belt conveyor, iron separator, GI intelligent control system, etc., which are used to make RDF molding fuel and power generation in power plants. Simplest Recycling Method of Waste Textiles: Energy RecyclingAt present, the simplest recycling method of waste textiles is energy recycling, that is, crushing the waste textiles that cannot be reused, mixing them with other crushed solid waste materials to make RDF alternative fuels with high calorific value and low carbon emissions relative to fossil

Solid & Bulky Waste Shredder MachineSolid & Bulky Waste Shredder Machine

Due to the large volume and inconvenient transportation of solid, bulky waste, it is often necessary to reduce the volume and quantity of bulky waste in the process of resource recycling, and then recycle and reuse the materials according to different material properties and needs. A recycling company from Europe purchased a set of bulky waste shredder machine from our company, including related chain plate conveyor, belt conveyor, intelligent control system and other equipment, in order to achieve the purpose of resource recycling and reuse of bulky waste. Now let's learn about some related issues of large waste disposal. Definition of Bulky WasteLarge waste refers to solid items that are large in volume and strong in integrity and need to be separated and reprocessed. Including waste household appliances (waste refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, etc.) and furniture (such as sofas, mattresses, cabinets, etc.).Disposal Process of Bulky Waste Resource RecyclingThe bulky waste shredder uses the

Plastic Waste Shredding Machine for SalePlastic Waste Shredding Machine for Sale

There are many kinds of recyclable garbage, such as glass, cartons, plastics and so on. Plastic waste is formally called post consumer plastic waste, which refers to waste plastic products after consumption or use. Plastic waste is a common waste in our daily life, so it is very usable and easy to recycle. How can we turn our recycled plastic waste into treasure?First of all, we must know that the recycled plastic wastes are different in size. Therefore, it is difficult to achieve unified recycling. There is a key step. That is, the materials need to be shredded and then reused.What equipment is needed to shred plastic waste? How does it shred materials?Of course, it's the single shaft fine shredder manufactured by AIShred. The fine shredder is also called single shaft fine shredder and single shaft shredder. It uses the interaction between the movable cutter and the fixed cutter, and controls the discharge particle size through the screen to cut, tear and extrude the materials to a smaller particle size.

Old Corrugated Containers Waste Paper Shredder for SaleOld Corrugated Containers Waste Paper Shredder for Sale

Recently, there are many customers inquiry about the old corrugated containers(occ) waste paper shredder. The recycling of occ waste industry is an important factor for resource saving and cost optimization production. The corrugated waste produced in the manufacturing process of your product can become a valuable raw material for producing more new products through selective recycling. High performance corrugated paper shredder is the core equipment for processing corrugated paper, which has made great contributions to the economic crushing of corrugated paper. There are two kinds of shredder commonly used for recycling corrugated paper. One is the double-shaft shearing type shredder. The double-shaft shearing type shredder can cut the packed corrugated paper or scattered corrugated paper into strips, and then use this strip of corrugated paper for further treatment. Another commonly used shredder is the single-shaft shredder. The single shaft shredder has only one shaft, which is usually used as a fine

Single Shaft Shredder for Sale to FranceSingle Shaft Shredder for Sale to France

GSS series single shaft shredder is a star product of AIShred. The disposal effect of single shaft shredder is very good in the fields of secondary crushing of domestic waste derived fuel, fine plastic crushing, domestic waste crushing and treatment, etc. Recently, our company received an order from a Europe plastic recycling company to regularly dispose of waste plastics, such as PP, PE, PVC and other plastic products. We recommended the matching GD series double shaft shredder and GSS series single shaft shredder, as well as the related belt conveyor, iron separator, GI intelligent control system, etc. to our customer, who was quite satisfied. At present, relevant equipment is in production in our own factory. If domestic waste is crushed into smaller materials at one time, it is obviously not enough to rely solely on a double shaft shredder. At this time, we need GSS series single shaft shredder. GSS series single shaft fine shredder is a new and upgraded fine shredder with single shaft "motor + reducer"

Shredder Machine for Biodegradable WasteShredder Machine for Biodegradable Waste

When dealing with biodegradable solid waste, you need a reliable shredder machine. Its role is to shred large pieces of material into small pieces which will greatly reduce its volume. The shreded materials can be used to produce compost and biogas. We do not recommend landfilling, because the biogas generated by landfilling will be directly discharged into the atmosphere and cause climate change. The image above shows the shredder machine provided by AIShred for small to medium biodegradable waste management projects. This shredder can easily handle everything from garden waste, food waste, to organic waste from restaurants, wet markets, slaughterhouses and more. Since it is equipped with high wear-resistant knife components, it can shred animal bones, iron packaging boxes, ice cubes, etc., so this shredder is also often used to destroy various expired food, fish and frozen meat and many more. AIShred can provide both a single shredder and complete solution for biodegradable waste management. Our main

Waste Pre Shredder for MSWWaste Pre Shredder for MSW

You need a high-availability primary shredder for processing of municipal solid waste, whether for landfilling or making RDF. Shredder is the most common equipment in the field of solid waste management. Its function is to shred solid waste into small pieces for subsequent treatment. When dealing with municipal solid waste, the pre shredder can shred large pieces of waste into small pieces for easy sorting, at the same time, shredded combustible waste have a higher combustion efficiency. AIShred not only provides pre shredders for the treatment of municipal solid waste, but also provides total solutions, click here to view AIShred MSW solutions. How to get your tailored shredder information As you know, even the same model of shredder may use different motors or hydraulic drives, other supporting components may also be different, because the working conditions of each production line are different, so the shredders used in the production line are configured on a case-by-case basis. So how to get shredder

Waste Shredder for Sale in FinlandWaste Shredder for Sale in Finland

In Finland, there aremore options for purchasing industrial shredders for waste disposal and recycling projects now, you no longer have to suffer from high prices, long delivery practices, and unexpected surprises in the waiting process. AIShred is synonymous with reliability and stability, and we will live up to your trust in our partners. AIShred provides equipment in Finland to cover all needs for safe destruction, solid waste management and recycling, our wide range of equipment types include twin shaft shear shredders, single shaft shredders, quad shaft shredders, twin rotors shredders and pre-shredders, each with more than a dozen different models. More importantly, we can design and manufacture new equipment based on the needs of users to meet any demanding practical needs. We are a leading and professional manufacturer of industrial shredders, crushers, screen and separation equipment. Our main purpose is not only business success, but specifying the customer's requirements and choosing/supplying the

Waste Shredding & Recycling Plant for Sale in TürkiyeWaste Shredding & Recycling Plant for Sale in Türkiye

Although affected by economic fluctuations, Türkiye is still one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. The government has formulated and implemented ambitious plans for Türkiye's economic development. Türkiye's industry is developed, the urbanization rate is close to 80%, and there are many wealthy people, which will lead to a large amount of solid waste, landfill pollutes the environment and wastes a lot of non-renewable resources. Reuse, Reduce Recycle(3R) is currently the three most critical words in the field of solid waste treatment. Reuse refers to the reuse of undamaged items; reduce refers to reducing the amount of waste, which can reduce landfill consumption; and recycle refers to resource recycling, which converts discarded garbage into renewable products or energy. You need a shredding and recycling plant to complete the 3R mission. AIShred provides shredding and recycling systems in Turkey that can be used to process various solid waste materials such as municipal solid waste, industrial

Industrial Shredder Machine for Sale in QatarIndustrial Shredder Machine for Sale in Qatar

In Qatar, AIShred sells shredders for processing solid materials, not paper shredders for home and office use. These shredders are called industrial shredders, which are usually used in waste management and recycling industries. Industrial shredders include many types, common ones are single-shaft shredders, dual-shaft shredders and four-shaft shredders, Depending on the knives, they can be used in multiple work segments such as coarse and fine shredding. In the past, there were few options for sourcing industrial shredders in Qatar, some expensive brands did not offer product quality and service at their price, and were arrogant. Now you have a new option, whether for old system or new project, AIShred shredder ranges will always give you the best. On this website, you can see the product categories of shredders we provide in Qatar, we also display some complete solutions that we can provide, in addition to this, we also provide many other ancillary equipment and other solutions, You can contact us for

Industrial Shredder Machine for Sale in Brazil

Brazil is the largest country in Latin America and one of the five BRICS countries, with a population of over 200 million, making it the ninth most populous country in the world. Brazil has rich resources and developed industries. In some big cities, such as Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, etc., with dense population, a large amount of domestic, industrial and construction waste is generated. As people pay more and more attention to environmental protection and reduce carbon emissions, these wastes will be disposed of scientifically. Shredders, crushers and pulverizers are important equipment for scientific processing of these solid wastes. They reduce the size of these wastes, which can facilitate subsequent sorting and recycling, and are ultimately used to manufacture recycled products and recover energy, a small amount of unusable substances will be landfill. For example, the disposal of municipal solid waste is a stubborn problem in many cities. In the MSW sorting center, the shredder shreds the

Waste Shredding Machine for Sale in EgyptWaste Shredding Machine for Sale in Egypt

In Egypt, if your company wants to purchase industrial shredders for waste management or recycling (material and energy recovery), it usually needs to be imported from abroad. There are many potential options, but finding the best fit can take a lot of work. Every engineer and sales representative of AIShred has rich industry experience, they understand the user's concerns very well, and are confident to provide the most suitable shredder for the Egyptian market. Waste shredders typically consist of single, dual, and quad-shaft equipment, with some variants based on this class. AIShred is able to design and manufacture all shredders, but also other equipment such as granulators, pulverizers, which are widly applied in waste management and recycling applications. AIShred knows that it is not easy to find a reliable supplier, and we cherish the trust of our users, we always do our best to help users achieve business success. Contact us now for exclusive plan quotes and additional discounts!

Waste Shredder for Sale in Ireland and the whole EuropeWaste Shredder for Sale in Ireland and the whole Europe

Now, there are new options for waste projects in Ireland, you no longer need to buy expensive European goods, AIShred's range of waste shredders have the quality of European shredders, but you don't have to pay that much to do it Buy. AIShred's industrial shredders are sold throughout Europe, transported by container ships to local ports. The high-quality shredders offered by AIShred in Ireland and Europe include single-shaft shredders, dual-shaft shredders and quad-shaft shredders, which can be used for primary, secondary, tertiary or even quaternary shredding for solid waste treatment. Their shredding principles are different, and they can handle all solid wastes from municipal solid waste, industrial and commercial waste, construction and demolition waste, hazardous waste, waste tires, and kitchen waste. AIShred is an ambitious manufacturer of industrial shredders and crushers, whose main business is to provide customers with customized equipment and solid waste disposal solutions. AIShred cooperates with

Waste Shredder Machine for Sale in IsraelWaste Shredder Machine for Sale in Israel

AIShred industrial waste shredders for sale in Israel can handle all solid wastes, from industrial and commercial waste to municipal waste, from scrapped car casings to waste wood, from garden waste to plastics and more. In Israel, selecte a waste shredder manufactured by AIShred is the wisest choice as AIShred equipment has the best price/performance ratio compared to the competition. Shredders are the core equipment in the waste management and recycling industry, because all applications need to reduce the material first, so as to facilitate subsequent processing. For example, wastes such as light slag and twisted rope produced by paper mills are a very scarce alternative fuel after being shredded into small sizes by shredders; in waste tire recycling plants, the core equipment also includes one or more shredders, which can shred the whole tire into small pieces, they can be directly used as tire-derived fuel, or continue to be processed to produce rubber granules or rubber powder.AIShred Waste Shredder

Waste Shredder for Sale United Arab EmiratesWaste Shredder for Sale United Arab Emirates

Today, the United Arab Emirates market for the processing of solid waste is developing rapidly. This is due to the fact that laws regulating the procedure for the delivery, disposal and processing of all types of waste have been introduced and are being used. Among other things, waste recycling is a necessary and important area in our country, which makes it possible to obtain secondary raw materials used in the production of new goods in the process of processing, and also solves many environmental issues. For any enterprise engaged in the processing and disposal of waste, specialized equipment is needed for processing, shredding and loading waste, with the production of finished products of recycled material, as well as to reduce the volume during further transportation or disposal at landfills.Industrial Shredder The company AIShred offers modern and compact industrial shredders for the processing and disposal of solid waste in UAE. Industrial shredder from our company - minimum investment, fast payback

Single-shaft Shredder for Sale UK

Single-shaft shredders for Sale in UK are designed for shredding of plastics of any thickness and density. The main working element of a single-shaft shredder is a shaft, on which knives and a press plate are installed, pressing the processed polymer to the shaft. Both important parts are driven by motors, with a reverse function, it helps to roll the press or rotate the shaft in the opposite direction, which will allow you to remove the stuck parts of the plastic. Additional parts of a single-shaft shredder that contribute to grinding are stationary knives installed inside the body. They are placed so that there is a small gap between them and the main cutters. Equipped with a single-shaft shredder, it is easy to crush hard plastics into small pieces. Getting into the receiving hopper of a single-shaft shredder, the material is pressed against the shaft by a press plate. The knives installed on it bite into the raw material and break off the crushed material. The performance of a particular single-shaft

Waste Shredder for Sale PolandWaste Shredder for Sale Poland

In Poland, it is possible to buy industrial shredders made in Germany or Italy, but now the equipment from China can also meet the requirements. With AIShred equipment, you don't have to worry about after-sales and service problems now, because we have an agent in Warsaw. AIShred manufactures full range of industrial shredders for solid waste preprocess and recycling, you don't have to worry about quality issues, our equipment has been proven in applications all over the world, including Poland, and also in other European countries. You can visit the Polish website for our catalog and other information: Also you can leave your message here, we will transfer your request to distributor.