Single-shaft Shredder for Sale UK

Single-shaft shredders for Sale in UK are designed for shredding of plastics of any thickness and density. The main working element of a single-shaft shredder is a shaft, on which knives and a press plate are installed, pressing the processed polymer to the shaft. Both important parts are driven by motors, with a reverse function, it helps to roll the press or rotate the shaft in the opposite direction, which will allow you to remove the stuck parts of the plastic.

Additional parts of a single-shaft shredder that contribute to grinding are stationary knives installed inside the body. They are placed so that there is a small gap between them and the main cutters.

Equipped with a single-shaft shredder, it is easy to crush hard plastics into small pieces. Getting into the receiving hopper of a single-shaft shredder, the material is pressed against the shaft by a press plate. The knives installed on it bite into the raw material and break off the crushed material.

The performance of a particular single-shaft shredder can be checked by ordering a test run, the cost of which will be included in the price of the equipment itself. Before you buy a single-shaft shredder, you can be convinced of its effectiveness.

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