Waste Shredder for Sale

Waste shredders produced by AIShred are complexes of specialized, technological equipment that allow processing waste such as: wood, wood, paper, cardboard, plastic, plastic, glass, rubber, metal, household waste and other waste depending on your needs. Contact our company and we will offer you the best solutions at affordable prices and quality.


What Are The Factors to Consider When Selecting a Waste Tire Shredder?

When choosing a tire shredder, you should not only focus on the price, but also on the quality of the equipment. Consider the output, displacement, energy consumption, and choose a more suitable tire shredder equipment from the many tire shredder brands.What factors need to be considered when selecting a tire shredder?The characteristics of the material to be disposed ofWhen choosing a tire shredder, the selection should be based on the nature of the actual material to be processed. Different…


Pulper Waste Recycling Shredder for Sale

Large amounts of production waste are generated during paper manufacture. Wire clips, staples, nails, hooks, adhesive tapes, plastic tapes, cords and other foreign matter such as foil residues are bundled in loose rejects and pulper plaits. With the right shredding technology, this pulper waste can be made usable. A industrial recycling company uses double-shaft shredder from AIShred in its production facilities in South Korea. The shredded residues are used as a substitute fuel to generate…


Solid & Bulky Waste Shredder Machine

Due to the large volume and inconvenient transportation of solid, bulky waste, it is often necessary to reduce the volume and quantity of bulky waste in the process of resource recycling, and then recycle and reuse the materials according to different material properties and needs. A recycling company from Europe purchased a set of bulky waste shredder machine from our company, including related chain plate conveyor, belt conveyor, intelligent control system and other equipment, in order to…


Waste Shredder for Sale in Maldives

AIShred shredders for sale in Maldives are machine for industrial processing of solid waste, not a home appliance. It is used in hotels, recycling centers, waste management departments, waste transfer stations, Landfills, Cement Plants, Manufacturing Plants and so on. The role of the industrial waste shredder is to reduce the size and volume of waste in batches for material recovery, energy conversion, reprocessing or landfilling.AIShred shredders can handle all solid materials, from food waste…


Used Waste Shredder for Sale & Price

As an industrial shredder equipment manufacturer, AIShred offers used shredders as certified refurbished shredder, other discounted equipment includes exhibits, defective products, etc.AIShred is not a dedicated second-hand equipment seller. Most of our second-hand equipment comes from our customers. At the same time, we will optimize its performance to ensure that the second-hand equipment we sell is in the best condition.Frequently Asked QuestionsDoes used waste shredder have stock?The fact…


Waste Shredding Plants for Sale New Zealand

New Zealand attaches particular importance to the circular economy and sustainable development, which ensures that the natural environment throughout the country does not deteriorate and is getting better and better. However, the wastes caused by human activities will always have an impact on the environment, such as urban domestic waste, waste tires, plastics, industrial and commercial waste, etc. These constantly generated waste should be shredded by a waste shredder, and then sorted and…


Waste Shredder for Sale in Ireland and the whole Europe

Now, there are new options for waste projects in Ireland, you no longer need to buy expensive European goods, AIShred's range of waste shredders have the quality of European shredders, but you don't have to pay that much to do it Buy. AIShred's industrial shredders are sold throughout Europe, transported by container ships to local ports.The high-quality shredders offered by AIShred in Ireland and Europe include single-shaft shredders, dual-shaft shredders and quad-shaft shredders, which can be…


Waste Shredder Machine for Sale in Israel

AIShred industrial waste shredders for sale in Israel can handle all solid wastes, from industrial and commercial waste to municipal waste, from scrapped car casings to waste wood, from garden waste to plastics and more. In Israel, selecte a waste shredder manufactured by AIShred is the wisest choice as AIShred equipment has the best price/performance ratio compared to the competition.Shredders are the core equipment in the waste management and recycling industry, because all applications need…


Industrial 2 Shaft Waste Shredder for Sale WorldWide!

Double shaft shredders are designed for the primary grinding of raw materials. They are mainly used in recycling lines and waste processing plants. Two-shaft shredders are successfully used to reduce the volume of various large-size waste, such as aerated concrete blocks, silicate blocks (sand-lime), municipal solid waste, organic waste, e-waste, occ waste and others.MODERN 2-SHAFT SHREDDERS BY AISHREDA two-shaft shredder is often used for full recovery of the raw material in production plants…


Waste Shredder for Sale in Malta

Our company manufactures and sells industrial waste shredders and spare parts in Malta.The internet are inundated with offers of industrial shredders, but these are mostly from an unreliable supplier. Such a shredder is easy to buy in any city. It is much more difficult to decide on the choice when you need to buy a shredder. In this case, a photo on the site and a brief description of the technical characteristics are not enough, a specialist consultation is needed, a description of power,…


Waste Shredder for Sale United Arab Emirates

Today, the United Arab Emirates market for the processing of solid waste is developing rapidly. This is due to the fact that laws regulating the procedure for the delivery, disposal and processing of all types of waste have been introduced and are being used. Among other things, waste recycling is a necessary and important area in our country, which makes it possible to obtain secondary raw materials used in the production of new goods in the process of processing, and also solves many…


Waste Printer Shredder for Sale

Dot matrix printers, inkjet printers, laser printers, dye-sublimation printers, etc. are common types of office printers. Scrap and discarded printers can be shredded into small pieces using industrial shredders to facilitate recycling of plastics and metals, while reducing pollution from stacking.AIShred's shredder can shred all WEEE, please leave us a message.

Waste Refrigerator Shredder for Sale

Abandoned refrigerators take up space and pollute the environment. After shredding them, plastics, ferrous metals, and non-ferrous metals are separated. The materials can be sold to recyclers for profit. In some places, you can also get subsidies from the government.


Universal Twin-shaft Shredder for Sale in Uzbekistan

In the past 10 years, Uzbekistan's economy has developed rapidly, industry and agriculture have developed rapidly, people's living standards have generally improved, and many industrial and domestic wastes have been generated, especially in Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, Namangan, etc. big city and its surroundings.Lessons from developed countries have taught people the importance of protecting the environment, and now people in Uzbekistan are looking for effective ways to dispose of the waste.…


Battery Recycling Shredding Machine for Sale

Batteries are currently the main electrical energy storage devices, consisting of packaging materials, electrolytes, anode and cathode materials. Batteries are widely used and there are many types, from the current popular Tesla cars to various electronic products, batteries are used everywhere. Because of this, waste batteries are eroding our environment, and many countries have begun to pay attention to the recycling of waste batteries.At present, the commonly used types of batteries include…


Single-shaft Shredder for Sale UK

Single-shaft shredders for Sale in UK are designed for shredding of plastics of any thickness and density. The main working element of a single-shaft shredder is a shaft, on which knives and a press plate are installed, pressing the processed polymer to the shaft. Both important parts are driven by motors, with a reverse function, it helps to roll the press or rotate the shaft in the opposite direction, which will allow you to remove the stuck parts of the plastic.Additional parts of a single-…


Double-shaft Shredder for Sale in Germany

The double-shaft shredder for sale in Germany is a slow speed shredding equipment designed for processing various materials. The double-shaft shredder can handle most types of materials, from waste paper to plastics and hard goods. The advantage in this process of double-shaft shredders is the low speed of rotation of massive shafts, which makes it possible not to quickly grind large, hard products or chew plastic ones, grinding them into crumbs. The manufacture of parts from wear-resistant…


Waste Shredder Machine for Sale Philippines

Two-shaft shredder GD6 for Sale in Philippines is designed for coarse primary shredding of large-sized, voluminous, thick-walled and hard-to-grind wood waste, various plastics, rubber, polymer fabrics, and other solid waste.In a twin-shaft shredder, waste is shredded by several dozen specially shaped "hook-shaped" cutting knives located on two parallel shafts rotating in opposite directions at low speed.The material of rotary knives is high-quality tool alloy steel 42CrMo with high hardness,…


Bulky Waste Shredder for Sale

Bulky wastes are bulky items such as old furniture, mattresses, sports equipment, rugs, kitchen utensils, decorative accessories or any other item that cannot be disposed of with household waste due to its large size.The newer bulky waste can be reused after repair, and the bulky waste with no repair value can be completely shredded by Industrial bulky waste shredder, and then recycled metals, the plastics, textiles, leather, and paper can be recycled or made into RDF.AIShred designs and…


Waste Shredder for Sale Poland

In Poland, it is possible to buy industrial shredders made in Germany or Italy, but now the equipment from China can also meet the requirements. With AIShred equipment, you don't have to worry about after-sales and service problems now, because we have an agent in Warsaw.AIShred manufactures full range of industrial shredders for solid waste preprocess and recycling, you don't have to worry about quality issues, our equipment has been proven in applications all over the world, including Poland…

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