Universal Waste Shredder

Universal waste shredders are multipurpose machines for pre-processing practically all materials. They are very often used in landfills, household waste incineration facilities, co-processing facilities, RDF facilities, and recycling companies. It maybe have one, two or more shafts. The materials are shreded to a more or less defined size by means of rotary shears, shredders or cutting crushers.

Universal Twin-shaft Shredder for Sale in UzbekistanUniversal Twin-shaft Shredder for Sale in Uzbekistan

In the past 10 years, Uzbekistan's economy has developed rapidly, industry and agriculture have developed rapidly, people's living standards have generally improved, and many industrial and domestic wastes have been generated, especially in Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, Namangan, etc. big city and its surroundings. Lessons from developed countries have taught people the importance of protecting the environment, and now people in Uzbekistan are looking for effective ways to dispose of the waste. AIShred provides efficient waste handling and recycling equipment in the Uzbekistan market, our universal twin-shaft shredder is the most widely used equipment. The shredder from AIShred is a slow twin-shaft shredder for all types of waste such as bulky items, industrial waste, special waste, synthetic materials or even metal drums with a content of up to 200 liters or more old wood or railway sleepers. AIShred's stationary shredders are particularly suitable for waste incineration facilities which often receive waste

Double-Shaft ShredderDouble-Shaft Shredder

Double-shaft shredders are designed to process flexible and ductile materials, breaking them down for purposes such as destruction, volume reduction, or recycling. Operating at low speeds, these shredders provide exceptional cutting force to handle challenging materials while maintaining very low levels of noise and dust.The most significant challenges faced by double-shaft shredders are the complex working conditions and ever-changing materials. They operate in harsh environments where material streams are constantly shifting and sometimes unpredictable. Insufficient torque can lead to the equipment's inability to complete tasks, sometimes resulting in continuous reversing, wasting energy. Conversely, excessive torque without proper machine performance matching can lead to significant accidents, including catastrophic failures like shaft breakage.With outstanding design concepts, robust raw material selection, exquisite manufacturing craftsmanship, and continuous optimization of control software, GEP